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London 2012 Has WiFi Police to Shut Down WiFi Hotspots

The International Olympic Committee recently revealed that mobile hotspots are not allowed at this year's Olympics. While you are permitted to use a your smartphone or tablet inside the venues, personal or private access points, along with 3G hubs and a ton of other items, are not allowed inside. Of course, when this news got around, many people wondered how the IOC planned to stop people from setting up their own WiFi hotspots. The answer is this guy:


Twitter user Sadao Turner posted the picture above along with the caption, "Something you won't see on TV, this is the Olympics WiFi Police. They seek unauthorized WiFi signals and shut them down."

We emailed the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games about the picture and they in turn directed us to the UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom, which is looking after the WiFi at the Games. We asked what would happen to someone caught operating a personal hotspot but we haven't heard back just yet.

The ban on WiFi hotspots likely has to do with efforts to keep interference and overloaded networks to a minimum. Already there has been issues with overcrowded networks interfering with event equipment and preventing commentators from receiving necessary data regarding the events.

Image Credit: @SadaoTurner

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  • Ambiguity
    people now can't live without web.. so idea to lock down WiFi hotspots isn't quite brilliant, but…
  • nukemaster
    Ambiguitypeople now can't live without web.. so idea to lock down WiFi hotspots isn't quite brilliant, but…tell me about it.
  • I call bs. they have to stop live streaming at the medias request. stupid because the media is the one with all the spoilers anyway.
  • Avro Arrow
    I think that all people with a 3G phone in London should just turn their mobile hotspots on all at once. Let those "police" try dealing with that. LOL
  • tanjo
    More like they don't want other broadcasting amateur videos other than their official coverage.
  • They should all turn them on, then turn them off before the guy gets over to them, then back on again once he leaves.
  • hoofhearted
    People should gleek this guy from behind after he walks by.
  • Penny wise and pound foolish - paying an Army of Wi-Fi police to run around with a giant antenna.
  • officeguy
    He is like "How do you work this thing again" or "I look really dumb pointing this red arrow thingy at people"
  • Censorship and Fascism. But do keep paying top dollar for the 'service' you aren't allowed to use.