Nokia Pits Lumia 928 Camera Against Galaxy S3, iPhone 5

Though smartphone cameras are no match for an actual camera, people are relying on their cell phone's camera more and more thanks to improved quality and the convenience of carrying just one device. Nokia's quite proud of the camera technology in its Lumia phones and is hoping to show folks just how well the Lumia camera fares when pitted against the a couple of the most popular phones on the market today.

Nokia has taken an iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S3 and its own as-yet-unofficial Lumia 928 and tested the cameras on all three devices. Though Nokia has yet to officially announce the Lumia 928, the company isn't exactly doing a great job at keeping a lid on the rumors. Ads for the phone have appeared in multiple publications and videos like this only create further hype.

To say the Lumia fares quite well in the comparison video would be an understatement. This is Nokia's own video, after all. Shot in Adventureland in Long Island, the video shows off the performance of all three cameras in a low light setting. Check it out below:

Nokia Lumia vs iPhone 5 and GS3 - Camera Test

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  • the1kingbob
    Have to admit that it wasn't to bad, but I would like to have seen more of the GS3 and iP5 video.
  • TheMadFapper
    Great phone, terrible OS. I had a 920 and it was really sleek and the white ones look retro. Too bad it would lock up all the time, couldn't receive MMS, multitasking is non-existent, apps and app store is terrible (searches for "Notepad" brings up random garbage in the top 10 hits)..I couldn't stand it.
  • daveola1
    Had a few lockup at first with mine. After the new firmware update, not one problem. We love our 920's and the OS.