RuneScape Developer Working on Sci-Fi MMORPG

Jagex, the developer behind the popular browser-based MMORPG RuneScape, announced on Wednesday that it is currently working on a sci-fi-themed MMORPG called Stellar Dawn. Although the details are slim at this point, the company is keeping with the browser-based theme, allowing gamers to play on almost any PC with an Internet connection.

"Stellar Dawn will be Jagex's biggest release to date and everyone at the studio is absolutely electric with excitement as we enter the final stages of development," said Mark Gerhard, Jagex's CEO. "We are really happy with how well Stellar Dawn has come together. The team has deftly blended art, content and technology to provide the entertaining, long-term game appeal that we have become famous for."

Upon visiting the game's official website, Stellar Dawn requires age verification, indicating that the game is more than a browser-based game geared for a general audience. But as with RuneScape, the company plans to offer a "sizable portion" of the virtual world for free-to-play gamers, requiring a small monthly fee for access to the entire game.

Stellar Dawn is expected to launch in 2011, however interested gamers can sign up for access to the closed beta by heading here.

  • joytech22
    YES FINALLY! been waiting for this ever since it was announced!
    Oh and thumb's down = WOW fanboy or simply a hater.
  • polly the parrot
    I'm already signed up for the beta. =D
  • falxmorte
    Runescapes great if you have dial up.
  • tipoo
    Wow, I forgot all about Runescape. I used to play it in grade 5, got to a pretty high level as I recall. Thanks for the post, I nostalgia'ed.
  • ubernoobie
  • lauxenburg
    I feel like a little boy posting on a Runescape article but wow has anyone seen Runescape these days? Looks pretty legit.
  • squallypie
    i quit runescape for a while and returned back... lots of updates for sure
  • baracubra
    Its a pity the RS graphics overhaul came so late...I would have died for it bck in grade 5 when me and all my buds were in RS rage...It came just a tad bit too late, only enough for me to log in after years of not playing and smile/frown
  • dEAne
    I haven't tried playing this game yet. Maybe I will give it a run.
  • eddieroolz
    Runescape isn't a graphical joke that it used to be with the overhaul, but I think it came a bit too late. Everyone I know still thinks people play with those blocky, paint-themed characters when in reality its quite decent. I just don't have time for that anymore, that's all.