Blizzard's Titan May Be 3rd-Person MMORPG

A website dedicated to Blizzard's upcoming MMO, codenamed "Titan," has supposedly waited to ride out April Fools' Day and verify a batch of leaked info before throwing the details online. The source is someone with "firsthand info" who has supplied names, photos, and detailed info backing up his/her claim to all things Titan. Take it all with a grain of salt though, as it could be mere garbage to lure traffic.

According to the source, Titan will be based on Earth's history with heavy use of Greek, Roman and Viking myths, but it will incorporate a high amount of fiction. There will also be a lot of time travel and a wide range of weapons spanning magic to guns and more. A number of high-profile writers have been called in to write the game's story, including Richard A. Knaak.

In the gameplay department, it's an MMORPG using a completely new engine and a third-person perspective. Its focus will be the PC platform with eSports in mind, but may eventually wander over to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Infinity much like Diablo 3 is arriving on Sony's consoles long after the PC version blew the socks off sales charts.

The source said the MMORPG will also feature clan housing, an Auction House, and "Blizzard-style" graphics. Around 150 developers are currently hammering out the game, including former Diablo 3 lead Jay Wilson. New Community Managers are also being brought in, and a number of testers will be needed in the near future.

As for when we'll see Titan, the source said that Blizzard plans to showcase a teaser during BlizzCon 2013, and go into alpha testing in 1Q14. Also at the show Blizzard will supposedly reveal the expansion pack for Diablo 3, one for World of Warcraft, and maybe the third StarCraft 2 installment. Sounds like Blizzard may be making up for not having a BlizzCon 2012.

The source also noted that Titan will incorporate several Warcraft elements into its world. These are mostly Easter Eggs, but may also include actually porting entire characters into the new MMORPG. Time travel suggests that perhaps Blizzard may bridge its Warcraft and StarCraft universes together – now that would be interesting.

Again, take all this with a grain of salt, although there's a lot more here than your average "he said she said" rumor. The Titan name itself is likely just a codename for the upcoming game, as the source has indicated that several names have been used over the course of development, and there seems to be no set title as of yet.

Could it be another "Craft" like "TimeCraft" or something similar? We may find out this November.

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  • borisof007
    Wow (bad pun booooo), that looks pretty awesome!
  • FunSurfer
    Will I need a Titan to play Titan?
  • senkasaw
    Meh...haven't been caring as much for Blizzard lately. Just isn't the same anymore.
  • Netherscourge
    I was hoping they were making a 1st person MMORPG, but a Starcraft/Warcraft fusion would be pretty awesome.

    So long as they don't recycle they cruddy bland and boring WoW engine for it. They SERIOUSLY need to upgrade not just the graphics, but the engine features itself.
  • spartanmk2
    Jay Wilson is working on this..............
  • officeguy
    Nothing to get excited about. "Titan" is a year away just for the beta. Diablo exp, im am guessing a year away and StarCraft 2 exp is probably around a year and a half or more. Even when it comes out I wont be excited. I will wait for the reviews.
  • childofthekorn
    Although I'm not attempting to speak for everyone. It is IMHO that this may be another EQ clone. With E-Sports in mind in an MMORPG is a good idea but depending on how they actually deliver on the combat, or whatever form of engagement, will it be doable.
  • slomo4sho
    This game is wilsoned!
  • Miharu
    If they ask me someday why I didn't buy Titans, I'll be proud to tell 'Jay Wilson'. (even if he's the waterboy of the team)
  • heero yuy
    blizzard style graphics?
    you mean completely out dated because they cannot be bothered to get around to using/building a new engine that can deliver better graphics without needing as much computing power?

    everything I have played recently of blizzards (diablo 3 wow mists of pandaria) looks and plays like arse on the highest settings compared to other more visually impressive and intense games (for your information I have a 7970 clocked to ghz edition speeds (its not a ghz edition) 8gb of corsair vengeance (1600 MHz) and an i5 2500k overclocked to 4.8 ghz - wow and diablo 3 should not play like arse on that sort of system)