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MPAA Wants MegaUpload Data Saved for Future Lawsuits

It's been two months since the United States Department of Justice seized and shut down file-hosting site However, those using the site to store personal files are still unable to access their data, and there's talk that they may never get it back. MegaUpload is trying hard to avoid that situation but in the mean time, the case against MegaUpload continues.

The latest news is word that the MPAA actually wants to keep some of the data stored on MegaUpload's servers. According to Wired, a newly filed court document reveals that the MPAA is requesting that MegaUpload host Carpathia retain the 25 Petabytes of MegaUpload data it has on its servers. This includes account information for MegaUpload's 66 million users. The MPAA says it wants the information because it might decide it wants to sue the file-sharing site and others for copyright infringement. However, the Motion Picture Association of America says it doesn't intend to use the info to sue individual users.

MegaUpload also wants the data retained, but for different reasons. It wants to use the data as part of its defense and is apparently asking the government to free up some of its assets so it can pay Carpathia to hold on to the data for the time being. Additionally, the file-sharing site wants to give users access to files they have stored on MegaUpload's servers.

As for the host? Carpathia is currently spending almost $9,000 a day to keep the data and has petitioned the the courts to relieve it of this burden. Whatever happens, it's possible that if the data is preserved for further lawsuits, people will not be able to access their accounts to retrieve their files due to the fact that the data is part of legal proceedings. A hearing on this issue is expected next month, so we'll know more about the fate of user data at that point.

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  • lamorpa
    MPAA beeter watch out doing that. They might accidentally sue themselves in a fit of rage.
  • cybnetic
    It would just disappear at this point.... poof
  • Devoteicon
    It never ceases to amaze how the MPAA can continuously outdo themselves in douchebaggery.
  • ahnilated
    I don't think they can force a company to pay $9,000/day to keep data and run them into the ground. If they want to pay the $9,000 then I would keep the data.
  • mobrocket
    Carpathia should just have an unforseen "accident" and make all the data just disappear...
  • K2N hater
    Without internet distribution I'd probably listen to mainstream music by RIAA. Nowadays I can say I boycott RIAA simply because I don't appreciate their music. So it's not about piracy but market domination.
  • rantoc
    Why not let MPAA sort through all data and delete the copyright infringing one while paying for the upkeep (i don't want to see tax funds paid for corporate interests, after all mpaa initiated this). Then return the users private data, after all Mega upload DO have loads of personal data and by detaining that they are denying the individuals their right to it...

    They can't claim that mega upload is denying artists ect their rights and at the same time denying mega upload users access to their by right personal data. Well maybe they can, after all "justice" seems to be for sale nowadays - Its all a matter of price! Scumbags!
  • rrod518
    If kim wants to keep that data for his defense, he must be very confident that the majority of the files are personal data. I'm surprised the mpaa doesn't wan't it destroyed based on that...
  • stevo777
    These guys are like goons.
  • lamorpa
    rrod518...the majority of the files are personal data...Yeah. Good one. It's mostly just personal notes and writing, spreadsheets, and baby pictures.