Manchester City FC Installing In-stadium Wi-Fi

Manchester City fans will be pleased to hear that their home stadium is about to get WiFi. The football club yesterday announced its plans to turn Eithad Stadium into 'the most technologically fan-friendly football stadium,' with the installation of a WiFi system from Cisco.

Cisco's Connected Stadium Wi-Fi solution will be installed in the Man City stadium in the coming weeks and delivers high speed wireless access to those present in and around the stadium footprint. Powered by O2, the hope is that fans will use the access to share their football experience via social networking website. What's not clear is if fans will be able to access other areas of the web or if they'll be restricted to just social networking and Manchester City-related content.

WiFi aside, the football club also announced that it's working on an application called StadiumVision Mobile. Though Manchester City didn't go into great detail, it did say that the app would deliver live video and event information with little delay, as well as multiple other channels, which could include a replay channel, an alternate angle view channel and a channel for stats, trivia and games.

  • greghome
    Nothing to be happy about with Fergie leaving
  • spentshells
    After 30,000 people get connected to it I doubt it will be of any value.
  • g-unit1111
    Give 30,000 drunk soccer fans access to wifi. As if they didn't need other incentives for starting soccer riots. :lol:
  • COLGeek
    Is this because fans have so much time on their hands while attending the matches?
    Sorry, I had to ask...
  • mman74
    Jeez, you geeks don't get about much.
    1. Fergie - or Sir Alex Ferguson has stepped down as manager of Manchest UNITED football club, who play at Old Trafford. This article has nothing to do with them.
    2. On any match day there are not 30,000 drunk fans. And how can giving them Wifi when they are minding their own phones, start a riot. I think you are mistaking the EPL for the Azerbaijan or the Uzbekistan leagues.
    3. As for time on your hands, you can appreciate many fans like to get to their seats nice and early. Plus there is the issue of what to do at half time.
    I think this is great idea; that is not going to start riots and is unconnected with "Fergie" leaving. Honestly, you lot give us geeks a bad name.