Megaupload Successor Shut Down Before Debut

Despite the U.S. government warning Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom not to launch the file-sharing's site successor in the form of 'Mega', he recently announced its release date, with the holding page for the website apparently receiving millions of hits soon after.

In order to avoid the possibility of the U.S. seizing the domain as it did with, Dotcom purchased the Gabon-based domain .ga. However, Blaise Louembe, Gabon's communications minister, won't allow the domain to go live.

Louembe has said will be suspended and stressed the miniature West African nation "cannot serve as a platform or screen for committing acts aimed at violating copyrights, nor be used by unscrupulous people."

Ira Rothken, the attorney overseeing Megaupload's defense (Dotcom faces extradition to the United States), confirmed that the new site will not be available at, but the service is still scheduled for a release.

"The [new] site is not even functional yet," Rothken told CNET. "MegaUpload and Kim are innocent and presumed innocent. It sounds like a lack of net neutrality in Gabon...We're just going to use a different domain."

Mega is promised to be raid-proof through an "Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm". Dotcom stressed the website is not "a giant middle finger to Hollywood and the DoJ" -- its rules will allow copyright holders to send the DMCA a takedown notice to delete copyright-infringing content.

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  • freggo
    There is never a runaway Mack Truck when you need one.
    The world does not need wasted DNA like this moron.

  • joytech22
    Well that escalated quickly.
  • Pyree
    It's like aborting the foetus because the father is an un-convicted suspect.
  • A Bad Day
    Oh well, there's a lot more countries to pick from.
  • gerchokas
    Well, if someone has a record of violent behaviour I wouldnt allow him to get hold of a gun.. Time to move on mr Dotcom
  • internetlad
    Honestly, when I was first reading about Kim's legal "issues", I thought "well, that's the law for you, too bad megaupload closed down"

    As time goes on, and maybe it's because everybody loves the underdog, but I'm beginning to hope that he can make this work. I don't intend to use the service and I'll buy media when possible (there are some shows/games that are unavailable or simply to inflatedly priced to be bought. I don't much care to pay 300 dollars for a rare copy of some old NES game when the ROM is readily available, and admittedly I will download higher quality versions of shows I already get on Cable/Netflix) but I hope he can knock these goons down a peg. I'm no anarchist, but these laws are becoming a very constraining collar.
  • Yes, because of big content, I can listen to awesome Katy Perry and Pink songs, now featuring olden style 1990s gay house music in the background instead of guitars... Revolutionary.

    Whereas old Kim Dotcom(if that's her real name), is only an internet legend providing an awesome free service paid for by advertising, and without feeling the need to act as Big Brother from the classic distopian novel "1984", by George Orwell...
  • azraa
    Now the US will probably bully any country with a more liberal approach in this matter.
    Im not from the US, but I dont hate on US like many other fools do, like it was revolutionary.

    HOWEVER, we all should recognize that this legal thing is dirty. Politics and courts will push against any smaller country that doesnt comply with US standards, because lets face it, probably politics have benefactors from films/records giants, and according to history, the US is kind of a bully when it comes to this order of things.

  • idono
    Apperently you guys miss the point on why megaupload was so great. It's not because you could upload illegal files to it. It's because it was a great sharing platform for buisness aswell. I know several people that were using it to share buisness related files and content to their customers. Now it's gone and they have to use more expensive services with far less capacity and bandwith.
    underground_musician_d00dKim Dotcom(if that's her real name)Kim is a man...