Microsoft Buys BigPark for Xbox 360 Games

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, BigPark is made up of former Electronic Arts Canada and Distinctive Software execs and has been working on an Xbox-exclusive game over the past year. According to Microsoft, we will be seeing something from BigPark at E3 in June.

"We believe BigPark has tremendous potential to create new properties and innovative gaming experiences for our platforms, one of which we're looking forward to showcasing at the E3 Expo in June," Microsoft said in a press release. Microsoft says that despite his position at both companies, Don Mattrick was not a part of negotiations.

"Don was not a participant in the negotiations with BigPark either in his capacity as SVP of (Microsoft's game business) or Chairman of BigPark," a Microsoft representative told CNet in a statement, adding that Mattrick's ongoing role as chairman of BigPark was approved by the company, pursuant to its code of business conduct. "As Chairman, Don was not involved in the day to day management of the BigPark business," Microsoft finished.

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  • tenor77
    "MS buys BigPark"

    5 years later...

    "BigPark Leaves MGS and is acquired by Activision"
    so many things are gonna be at E3! i can't wait!!! i wonder if valve is gonna do something for half life 2 ep3?
  • curnel_D
    "According to Microsoft, we will something from BigPark at E3 in June."

    Missing a word?

    And I don't understand what MS is trying to accomplish here. They're letting go of large, experienced, huge IP holding studios, and picking up random guys who are working on their first 360 exclusive instead?

    What a waste of talent and money.