Pricing for Microsoft Surface Tablets and Covers Revealed

Microsoft has kept pretty quiet about its Surface tablets. Despite unveiling the two slates back in mid-June, we still don't have a full list of specs for the devices. In fact, we're fast approaching the launch of the Surface tablets, and we still don't know what exactly is under the hood. Up until today, we didn't even know how Microsoft was going to price the devices.

The price of the Surface models has been the topic of much debate with many wondering what price point the tablets will start at. Though Microsoft has yet to talk pricing for the Intel-based model running a full Windows 8 install, the company this accidentally revealed pricing for its lower-end Windows RT model based on ARM this morning.

Though the site has since gone offline, it was up long enough for news of the pricing to spread like wildfire. The 32GB ARM-based Surface will sell for $499 sans Touch Cover. You can pay an additional $100 for the 32GB plus Touch Cover. There's also a $700 64GB model that will come with a Touch Cover included. It's not clear if Microsoft plans to sell the 64GB without the Touch Cover. If you buy the 32GB without the Touch Cover and change your mind, you'll be paying $120 to buy it separately. The Type cover will set you back ten bucks more at $130. Pricing in Canada is $20 more for the tablet SKUs, and $10 more for the separate covers.

Microsoft's Surface tablets are set to launch on October 26, the same time as Windows 8. No word on whether or not Microsoft plans to talk pricing in an official capacity prior to that date.

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  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer
    I can't believe they actually think they can get away with $500 for the base model without a cover.
  • vidfreek
    Yeah I'm not sure about going for one of these, so many great Android tablets out there for less money, MS coming out with a tablet like this at the price point of an Ipad? Not a huge fan of Apple but I think the Ipad will win out, me I'll stick with my Asus TF300 which has been great and cost me $120 less than this would have
  • chuckydb
    That cover is expensive as F¤¢¦¤¢¦.
    I still keep my dream of soon seeing a win RT/ Android tablet.
  • zak_mckraken
    For the x86 model, it would have been a good price point. 500$ for the RT model is just too much, especially without the cover.
  • jackbling
    If the pro is sub 800, it can still do well; microsoft should consider some type of subsidy to price the pro near the 700 mark.

    The synergy between tablet and home OS is a good selling point, as long as the buy-in isnt too steep.
  • damianrobertjones
    So... How many of you know that it's being released with a version of Microsoft Office? Hands up? Suddenly the price, specially compared to the ipad, is excellent.
    Total harebrained idiocy at that price.

    The number of windows developers that left to program iOS is staggering. (because they can actually make money doing this)

    The mobile MS platform is going to remain small, so they aren't going to get these developers back, and the apps are going to suffer.

    I am betting this is the end of MS's relevance.

    Everyone hates Windows 8, and nobody is going to buy surface at that price. Good job.
  • phamhlam
    For $500, this is why people would chose a Surface over an iPad
    32GB memory + 64GB SD card
    Better screen (it looks better even with a lower resolution than the iPad)
    Office 2013 RT
    CNC machine (high precision) case
    2x2 MIMO wifi
    USB 2.0 ports that can be used to read USB flash drive
    Can print on hundreds of printer

    This tablet is just better built.
    damianrobertjonesSo... How many of you know that it's being released with a version of Microsoft Office? Hands up? Suddenly the price, specially compared to the ipad, is excellent.
    There better be a $299 RT option without Office... who wants to use a tablet for word processing?
  • bigdragon
    Did Microsoft not learn anything from HP and RIM with their tablet OS experiments? You can't simply price the same hardware at the same price as competitors and expect overnight market share explosive growth. Microsoft isn't bothering to compete with Apple, Samsung, Asus, and others -- they're just aiming for parity. I think this is a really bad idea that will stifle adoption of their new tablet platform. Microsoft needs to sweeten the deal better to get people to buy these things. Including the type cover or coming in at $400 would have been a better idea. The inclusion of Microsoft Office is a moot point given that competitors have been including things like Polaris Office, which is good enough, on their products.

    Microsoft, wake up and compete! Get that price down or include the type cover! For $500 I could buy a Galaxy Note 10.1 that has an office suite, painting apps for the stylus, access to Google Play, a higher resolution screen, and better battery life. That's far better value than a Surface tablet at the same price.