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Pricing for Microsoft Surface Tablets and Covers Revealed

Microsoft has kept pretty quiet about its Surface tablets. Despite unveiling the two slates back in mid-June, we still don't have a full list of specs for the devices. In fact, we're fast approaching the launch of the Surface tablets, and we still don't know what exactly is under the hood. Up until today, we didn't even know how Microsoft was going to price the devices.

The price of the Surface models has been the topic of much debate with many wondering what price point the tablets will start at. Though Microsoft has yet to talk pricing for the Intel-based model running a full Windows 8 install, the company this accidentally revealed pricing for its lower-end Windows RT model based on ARM this morning.

Though the site has since gone offline, it was up long enough for news of the pricing to spread like wildfire. The 32GB ARM-based Surface will sell for $499 sans Touch Cover. You can pay an additional $100 for the 32GB plus Touch Cover. There's also a $700 64GB model that will come with a Touch Cover included. It's not clear if Microsoft plans to sell the 64GB without the Touch Cover. If you buy the 32GB without the Touch Cover and change your mind, you'll be paying $120 to buy it separately. The Type cover will set you back ten bucks more at $130. Pricing in Canada is $20 more for the tablet SKUs, and $10 more for the separate covers.

Microsoft's Surface tablets are set to launch on October 26, the same time as Windows 8. No word on whether or not Microsoft plans to talk pricing in an official capacity prior to that date.

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