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New Microsoft Surface Video Ditches the Dancing

Earlier this week, Microsoft launched its first TV commercial for the Microsoft Surface. The ad featured a lot of clicking and a lot of dancing, and didn't do much to explain what the Surface actually was. Luckily, Microsoft has released a second video that gives a little bit more insight into what Surface actually is. While the clicking is still present, there's no dancing this time around, and Microsoft talks more about the features and capabilities of the device.

While the first Microsoft Surface ad was fun and energetic, it didn't offer the consumer much in the way of information. Is it a tablet or a laptop? Can I use it for work? How is it different to an iPad? If you went to the Surface URL provided at the end of the spot, you would have gotten answers to those questions. However, that kind of strategy banks on the viewer being intrigued enough to actively go searching for more information. And that's a lot to ask right off the bat.

This new video does a much better job at showing users what Surface is about. It highlights important aspects of the Surface, offering information on the different covers, the operating system, and functionality.

Check it out below and let us know what you think:

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