Intel's New Devices Unit Led by Michael Bell

Tuesday morning Reuters said that Intel's new CEO Brian Krzanich has re-organized key business groups and created a "new devices" unit. The news initially stemmed from an unnamed source who viewed an internal email. However AllThingsD followed up with a report stating that Michael A. Bell, corporate vice president and general manager of the Mobile and Communications Group for Intel, will be leading this new division.

Bell joined Intel in 2010 after working for Palm Inc. from 2007 to 2010. There he served as senior vice president of product development and was responsible for all aspects of product strategy, development and deployment, bringing the Palm PRE, the Palm PIXI and many more products to market.

Prior to that, he worked for Apple from 1991 to 2007, eventually serving as Vice President, CPU Software, in the Macintosh Hardware Division. He made significant contributions to the iMac, Apple TV and iPhone programs, Intel said.

Bell has been co-leading Intel's mobile chip business, focused on the development of hardware, software and connectivity ingredients for phones, tablets, Ultrabook and more. The new unit that he will be leading will reportedly investigate emerging technologies and product trends including ultra-mobile products.

"The group will be tasked with turning cool technology and business model innovations into products that shape and lead markets," Intel said.

Meanwhile, Hermann Eul, who has been co-leading the Mobile and Communications Group with Bell, will continue to steer the mobile chip unit. Eul joined Intel as part of the company's acquisition of Infineon's wireless solutions business back in January 2011. He took over Infineon's Wireline Communications Business Group back in June 2004.

Krzanich's sweeping company reorganization and the formation of a new division arrives just days after he took over as Intel's new CEO. The move places most of the main product groups under his direct supervision while the company's global manufacturing operation has been handed over to new president Renee James.

"As your CEO I am committed to making quick, informed decisions. I am committed to being bolder, moving faster, and accepting that this means changes will be made knowing that we will listen, learn and then make adjustments in order to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry," Krzanich reportedly said in an internal email.

  • dgingeri
    So they make a man head of a new devices department who has an extended track record of bringing crappy, unloved, unsalable, new devices into the marketplace. They must see something in him I do not.
  • EzioAs
    You know, when I saw Michael Bell, I was thinking of my favourite voice actor. Silly me...
  • beruli
    For a moment i thought it said Michael Dell, wouldn't that be something.