Tom's Guide: 10 Mobile Browsers for Surfing On the Go

Though there's absolutely nothing wrong with making full use of the default browser on your smartphone or tablet, it's not the only option. You may not know it, but there are a ton of mobile browsers available to you, you just have to download them from whatever app store happens to be running on your phone. Whether you're looking for a more visual experience or you're trying to cut down on data consumption, Tom's Guide's latest round-up of mobile browsers is sure to have something for you.

With the boom in smartphones and tablets, people are looking for better ways to surf the Internet. While the default web browsers that ship with devices are enough for some, many look for more utility in their mobile browsing and software designers have been happy to comply. Here are a few choice picks for those interested in using more than just their default browser.10 Great Mobile Browsers for Surfing On the Go

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  • theconsolegamer
    I love my FF. Yes, it crashes and hangs sometimes but the sheer amount of customization outweight this shortcomings.
  • lahawzel
    Mobile FF lacks some useful plugins, though. Greasemonkey does not support Fennec and popular forks of it like Scriptish aren't updated for it, so the most you get out of it will be Adblock plus a couple more, rather than the plethora of useful plugins available for the desktop version. (Not to mention from what I can tell, HTML5 hardware acceleration does not currently work in the current public and beta versions of mobile Firefox, so I have to switch to chrome on pages that need it).

    Also, 10 browsers? Some are paid? What.
  • AHMED_92
    using Opera Mini....and am satisfied with its performance
  • darthvidor
    FF + phony + fullscreen == dusty notebook