Rapid Fire: Firefox 9 Beta is Already Out for Download

Firefox 8 was just released last week. Some of you have probably yet to update. However, the releases are coming fast these days, as is evidenced by the fact that Firefox 9 Beta is already available for download. Mozilla recently announced that the "new, faster" Firefox Beta is now ready for testing and download with support for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Mozilla says FF9 Beta adds Type Inference to make JavaScript significantly faster; added support for Mac OS X Lion, including two-finger-swipe navigation and makes improved functionality for multiple displays; enables JavaScript to show developers when users choose to opt-out of behavioral tracking with the Do Not Track privacy feature; and chunking for XHR requests so websites can receive data that’s part of a large XHR download in progress.

Hit up Mozilla to get your hands on the newest Firefox beta.

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  • Trialsking
    I am skipping 9 and waiting for 10 which should be out later tonight
  • gerchokas
    When tha --- are they gonna release the x64 version??? They've been testing it since version 3! :(
  • billybobser
    x64 please, and make changes that count