IBM Switching to Firefox as Default Browser

IBM has announced that the company is adding Firefox to the list of default applications the company's 400,000 employees are expected to use. IBMer Bob Sutor said in a blog post last week that Firefox is now "the gold standard for what an open, secure, and standards-compliant browser should be" and revealed that all employees, whether their machines are PCs, Macs or Linux-based computers, will be using Firefox from now on.

"Some of the software we all use shouldn’t surprise you since we make it, such as Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, and Lotus Symphony," writes Sutor.

"We’re officially adding a new piece of software to the list of default common applications we expect employees to use, and that’s the Mozilla Firefox browser.

"Any employee who is not now using Firefox will be strongly encouraged to use it as their default browser. All new computers will be provisioned with it," he continued.

"We will continue to strongly encourage our vendors who have browser-based software to fully support Firefox."

Sutor says cloud computing played a big role in IBM's decision to switch to Firefox and concluded that, "Firefox is enterprise ready, and we’re ready to adopt it for our enterprise."

Read his full post here.

  • descendency
    What Firefox was, Chrome is now.

    This is late.
  • Milleman
    I want the Firefox girl as my personal browser too!
  • JamesSneed
    Whatever this was about you had me at firefox girl...

    The reason there are almost no comments is nobody actually read the article. Maybee you should place the firefox girl after the article as a nice little suprise.
  • Pyroflea
    It's about time. Anybody still using IE should just... not use computers :D
  • r_pad
    I actually read the article but can only think of one thing.

    'Firefox on top' --- ;)
  • Ragnar-Kon
    Hi Firefox girl...
    oh wait, what was this post about again? I seem to have forgotten.

    Anyway, not surprised. The university I work for actually only supports Firefox and browsers that use the Webkit engine (Chrome and Safari). IE and Opera aren't supported.
  • tank
    Only problem still is that the government secure login sites still use IE. Hopefully they can update to more modern times also.
  • gsacks
    I never get tired of that picture.
  • eddieroolz
    As long as IBM offers their employees a choice between Firefox and IE, it seems good and fair.
  • bebangs
    it's just a default browser, you could still use IE/Chrome/Safari or any browser you want.