QOTD: Do You Think Moon Landing Was Faked?

Over the years, there have been tons of conspiracy theories to suggest the whole thing was a hoax. Non-believers have only been encouraged by last week's news that the National Aeronautics Space Administration lost the original footage of the lunar landing.

The official story is 45 tapes of Apollo 11 footage were erased a few years back so that NASA could use the tape for something else. Sure, it happens to us all (I erased my best friend's copy of The Sword and the Stone when I was five) but shouldn't the original copy of the moon landing be stored somewhere safe or at least have a nice big label that says, "Historic moment in history, please DO NOT record over." (Besides, has nobody at NASA heard of flicking the bloody tab on old analog tapes?!)

Last week's events aside, you've got the usual arguments like the fact that the flag appears to be waving and there weren't any stars in the sky. Some even think that NASA killed the Apollo 1 astronauts on purpose because they were ready to talk to the press about the Moon Hoax and how desperate NASA was to win the race to the Moon. For more theories, check out Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog.

Today's QOTD is: Do you Think NASA Faked the Moon Landing?

  • valcron
    Honestly no I don't. There is to much proof showing otherwise. Even myth busters did an episode on it. All of the conspiracy theories that I myself have heard that say otherwise have been dis proven. So until i see something to shows me unreputidely (sp?) that it was faked, I say we landed on the moon.
  • one-shot
    Considering the old technology they had and with the current tech we have now, we can only imagine landing on the moon now. Yet, it was done with very old equipment several decades ago. I wonder at times.
  • If they had had Windows Me back in the 60s I would be a lot more inclined to believe the landing was real.
  • hunter315
    Nope, we were going against the russians, if we faked it and they found out that would have been really bad for us so i believe that we actually went there. And the mythbusters episode covered most of the conspiracy theories and proved them wrong.
  • seels
    watch mythbusters
  • Scotteq
    I do believe we successfuly landed on the moon.

    I also believe most conspiracy theories are clear and present evidence of the ever increasing quality of recreational drugs.
  • jaglows3
    Moon Rocks
  • hopiamani
    I don't think the government is very good at keeping secrets, especially secrets about such a huge event as this
  • superhighperf
    i would not insult the men that gave their lives to make the landing possible by questioning it.
  • brendano257
    "NASA spent over 10 million dollars to develop the Space Pen, to combat the fact that regular ball points did not work in no gravity environments. The Russians used pencils."

    ^^Just for fun, but no really, I think it happened. All this conspiracy crap, just read the article of the guy who thinks the mafia threatened him through his iPod. It's all crap.