Netflix: Shared Family Plan Will Come to UK

Early this week, during its first quarter results, Netflix revealed plans to introduce a new subscription model that allows customers to share one account with multiple family members. Expected to reduce the amount of "password lending," these new shared plans would enable more devices to stream movies and TV content simultaneously. Netflix currently only allows two simultaneous streams. That will change with the new plans.

"A few members with large families run into our two simultaneous stream limit," the company said on Monday. "To best serve these members, we’re shortly adding a four-stream plan, at $11.99 in the U.S., and we expect fewer than one-percent of members to take it."

While the letter did not mention any details about sharing plans for international markets, the fact that the company specifically mentioned U.S. pricing left folks outside of the United States wondering if they too would get a chance to buy a shared subscription. Well, according to CNet, the answer is yes.

Netflix confirmed to CNet that yes, the UK would be getting a similar family plan, but the company failed to elaborate on pricing or launch details. Assuming the video-on-demand company hopes to apply the same price model as the U.S., the family plan in the UK would cost £9 as opposed to £6.

  • slomo4sho
    My family already shares my plan and haven't run into any issues with streaming content thus far...
  • somebodyspecial
    I think they should just up the cost to $10 for everyone and give 4 to everyone. Heck I would pay $10 now already...LOL. They charge too little for such a great service. Where are you going to go if you don't like $10? There is nobody any where near close to their content. A check of the top 200 shows/movies shows amazon has 78 and everyone else FAR less (I think Hulu had 25 or so and vudu even less-I think only these 4 were checked). Netflix has them ALL. I'm too lazy to find the link from a ~month ago showing this - google it if you want. :)

    Or maybe $10 for 3 connections and $12 for 4? $15 for 5?...LOL. Whatever.