Report: Nokia EOS Smartphone is Lumia 1020

Rumors of a Nokia smartphone codenamed EOS have been doing the rounds for a while. Running Windows Phone, the rumor mill says the phone will boast Nokia's PureView camera technology, and recent hints from Nokia suggest that it is preparing to launch a device with a 41-megapixel lens. Today brings fresh speculation about the EOS, but this time around, the rumor mill is churning out chatter on branding as opposed to hardware.


According to Twitter user @evleaks, the Nokia EOS will carry the Finnish company's Lumia branding. Considering previous rumors that said that this would be a Windows Phone device, there's no surprise there. However, @evleaks also revealed the model number of this upcoming PureView phone. According to his Twitter page, when Nokia unveils the device, it'll be called the Lumia 1020.

Nokia last week teased that it had 41 million reasons for us to tune into its July 11 event scheduled for New York City. Just 16 days to go!

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  • brandoshido
    This phone is one of the only things keeping me from switching to android
  • teh_chem
    with a 41-megapixel lens.

    41-megapixel lens...???
  • SchizoFrog
    I seriously hope that with this just being announced in July that it will not hit the store before WP8.1 (Blue) is launched. I would imagine that MS will tie the launch of 8.1 to this new flagship phone and that is all I am waiting for to upgrade...