Nvidia Dumps 9000 Series Name: New GPUs Will Be Called GTX 260 / 280

Nvidia has decided to depart from its current product naming strategy and introduce a completely new sequence number for its upcoming GT200 chips.

The new GPUs, also knows as NV60 graphics processors, will be called the GTX 260 / 280, according to an The GTX add-on now moves to the front of the sequence number and we assume that future mainstream parts will receive a GTS or GT name, while low-end entry-level parts will end-up with the SE name.

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  • CompTIA_Rep
    So, maybe in a year, we will have 440mx cards? Fantastic.
  • stabgotham
  • Pei-chen
    No, it'll be the MX 440. Nvidia didn't move from prefix to suffix until the FX generation. I want to have a Geforce 2 series as I didn’t buy the original.