WSJ Reports Next-gen PlayStation Will Launch This Year

Sony last night announced plans to hold a PlayStation event in New York City on February 20. Though the company didn't mention specifics, it's thought that this future of PlayStation event will be the unveiling on the PS4. Since the invites went out, the Wall Street Journal has spoken to sources that say, yes, Sony will introduce the PS4 to the world in less than three weeks time.

The Verge cites WSJ as saying that the new PlayStation will launch in time for Holiday 2013. This is in line with previous speculation about the device. The Wall Street Journal's sources also say that the PS4 will feature more social gaming as well as changes to how the user interacts with the console. 

Recent rumors suggested that the next Playstation could be equipped with GPU switching technology. We previously heard that Sony will be using an AMD APU as well as a Southern Islands GPU in its next game console. What's more, Sony applied for a patent describing an automated GPU switching process in 2009. This provides further credibility that Sony is aiming for a flexible, power optimized GPU infrastructure for the PS4.

Thankfully, we don't have long to wait before we'll be able to sort the facts from the fantasy. Let the countdown begin... Just 20 days to go!

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  • jazz84
    I have no plans to purchase one, but if Sony actually has their next-gen offering ready to rock, the next Xbox can't be too far behind. Not planning on purchasing one of those either, but the launch titles could potentially include some long-awaited titles that could make their way to PC soon enough.

    /wishful thinking from a Fallout junkie...
  • esrever
    Both sony and microsoft will launch this year. Sony might be first to announce but who knows which will launch first.
  • The-Darkening
    Obsolete @ launch, I imagine... But oh well.
  • anxiousinfusion
    PS4 will feature more social gaming as well as changes to how the user interacts with the console.

    I'm so glad I jumped ship from the sinking mess called consoles. I bet the launch title will be called Farm of Duty Field Waggleville: Party Pack Game of the Year Edition.
  • milesk182
    I am excited for the next gen consoles because pc gamers like myself will get better looking ports but I am still excited for these consoles. I am not a fan boy by any means and will be looking to get a ps4 and nexbox for the exclusives such as halo, gears, forza, uncharted, infamous, god of war, etc. I don't like to miss out on good games because of some stupid fan ego. Ports like the upcoming dead space are just pathetic so hopefully this will push our pc hardware even more :)
  • mousseng
    The-DarkeningObsolete @ launch, I imagine... But oh well.Only if it launches after AMD launches its Sea Islands GPUs. Otherwise it's still current technology.
  • JJ1217
    Go AMD! WOO!
  • ojas
    Yeah and it'll turn out to be another PS Vita :P
  • iam2thecrowe
    AMD GPU? hopefully we dont have driver issues and microstuttering.
  • jn77
    iam2thecroweAMD GPU? hopefully we dont have driver issues and microstuttering. I can deal with drivers that need updating.... apparently you were not involved in this:

    Nvida lied about their GPU issues for something like 4 years until they were sued...... AMD admits when they have problems. You can stick with companies that lie about what their products can do.