Psystar Working on OS X Hackintosh Netbook?

For the last year, Apple has been saying it will not be producing an Apple branded netbook. Whether it was Steve Jobs saying the company “didn’t know how to make a sub-$500 computer that wasn’t a piece of junk” or Tim Cook calling netbooks junky trinkets that “didn’t deserve the Apple brand,” the message was loud and clear: No Apple netbook.

Now Apple rival, Psystar, is set to fill the void OS X fans are feeling -- maybe. Macrumors reports that with all the recent attention on the netbook market, one of its reader asked Psystar if they had plans to introduce a Mac OS X "netbook" in the future. Psystar's response confirmed that did have a mobile Mac computer in development.

We know most of you are anti-Apple but how do you feel about netbooks running the Mac OS X? Psystar is currently locked in a legal battle with Apple. Apple claims Psystar is in breach of its EULA by offering OS X on non Apple-brand machines. The fact that Psystar didn’t immediately fold when Apple brought them to court last year has led a lot of folk to believe a larger company is behind Psystar and funding its legal team.

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  • mforce2
    Well first of all I must admit to not being an Apple fan at all. I'm just a geeky Windows and Linux user and Apple doesn't really have producets that appeal to me.
    That being said I think that the smaller screen notebooks Apple does have come close enough to a netbook. I'm also sure Apple will launch some sort of tablet or mobile touch screen something to cover the gap between the iPhone and the Macbooks. Which they will call a revolutionary thing as always, never done before and so on ...
    You could also install OS X on a netbook if you really wanted to and I know it's being done. This mean there's nothing new in OS X running on a netbook. Still many people will find it more confortable if it's preinstalled, maybe comes with some form of support ....
    Personally I'm more interested in the new arm netbooks and what will be running on them from the Linux camp ( Moblin , Ubuntu ) but that's just me.
  • DeadlyPredator
    Very good job Psystar... it's Apple who is violating anti-trust laws by forcing user to buy mac hardware which is more expensive to run OSX when it could run flawlessly on any x86 machine if there drivers avalaible and apple locks removed.
  • norbs
    falchardI think they will realize why they don't make a mac netbook when the OS is too bloated to run on netbook hardware.

    Guessing this is based on 100% facts. I mean who else would post and not know what they are talking about.