Qualcomm Announces New Quad-Core SoC for TVs

Qualcomm's CES keynote took place this afternoon and the company used the opportunity to take the wraps of its new Snapdragon S4 MPQ8064 processor, a quad-core solution aimed at smart TVs and set-top boxes.

"Consumers demand a seamless experience across all screens, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and televisions," said Raj Talluri, vice president of product management for Qualcomm. "Having Snapdragon processors power smart TVs and digital media adapters is a natural extension of our leadership in mobile and computing technologies into the connected home."

Clocked to 1.5 GHz, this quad-core CPU is based on Qualcomm's Krait micro-architecture-Adreno 320 graphics and features advanced audio/video capabilities that Qualcomm says will yield the best performing mobile experience while consuming less power. Qualcomm also took the time to highlight the first TV to use a Snapdragon processor, which is also launching at CES this week.

The Lenovo K91 Smart TV was announced yesterday and is the first TV to run on a Qualcomm chip (worth noting, though, that it's the Snapdragon 8960 dual core, and not the quad-core announced today) as well as the first TV to run Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Other hardware specs include a full 55-inch HD IPS panel at 240 Hz, SRS TruSurround, 3D FPR technology, voice control with natural language processing and speech recognition technology, and a built-in 5MP webcam with face recognition technology. Cloud support enables file sharing between the Smart TV and other devices, and both the Android Market and Lenovo Store provide thousands of apps to install.

  • fyasko
    maybe i'm not cool but i see no need to have "smart tv's" when everyone has a pc, laptop, or console to access media from. i just want a huge 60"+ "dumb tv"
  • joytech22
    Wow a TV with ICS? Awesome! I want. If I win the lottery. :p
  • de5_Roy
    why won't they sell a 22" pc monitor with led backlit, 240 hz, ips monitor?!?! why?!? T_T
  • DeViLzzz2007
    __-_-_-__I love my samsung smart tv. it does everything on the remote. I can access internet by cable or wireless with a press of a button, watch youtube on a big screen, share files on my nas like movies etc as well as record to watch later in somewhere else. all flawless with a press of a button.I understand that some might want just dumb tv's but this new smart thing offers a great potential.
    Smart tvs serve a purpose but at what price ? I think some would still rather hook up a custom made pc or mini pc to a regular tv to get their internet experience and save money doing so and get the pc type experience they want by building the pc box they want for their tv.
  • Parsian
    i prefer a 4K TV or a SHV TV instead please. Oh while at it, start broadcasting stuff as well.
  • freggo
    "first TV to run Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. "

    We all have seen the funny video where a kid stuffed a sandwich into a VCR.
    Now picture it... you come home from work finding your little one onfront of your opened up and gutted 55" smart TV. There are parts everywhere and he is standing there, screw driver in one hand, a hammer in the other with that guilty grin on his face.
    You don't know if you should cry or scream or whatever and finally ask little tommy... why did you do that.

    And he replies with "I wanted an Ice Cream Sandwich; you said there was one in our new TV" :-)