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Willits: ZeniMax Purchase Was Good for RAGE

As of late Bethesda and id Software have been talking up the latter developer's next two games, RAGE and Doom 4, possibly to generate some pre-E3 hype before June. Over on Shacknews, id Software creative director Tim Willits spent his time discussing RAGE and why they chose an apocalyptic setting. But one of the more interesting tidbits produced from the semi-interview centered on ZeniMax's recent purchase.

From a gamer standpoint, the transition was downright scary, casting fears that somehow the new-found parent company's influence would corrupt id's developmental and creative expertise. However Willits (naturally) defended the purchase and said that RAGE is actually all the more better because of the acquisition.

"I can tell you that, having the resources and upper management, they've really allowed us to do stuff with RAGE that frankly we may not have been able to in the past," he admitted. "I truly believe that, ultimately, RAGE has become a better game because of this new relationship that we have."

On the Bethesda front, Pete Hines this week told MCV that both Doom 4 and RAGE will show the world id's true potential. "id Software brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the first person shooter genre," he said. "To have a group like id working as an internal studio for Bethesda is a tremendous advantage."

RAGE is scheduled to ship in 2011.