Samsung to Offer Better Battery Option For Galaxy S III

Samsung has confirmed that its Galaxy S3 will be able to support a 3,000 mAh battery pack to replace the smartphone's current 2,100 mAh battery.

The new battery option, which is priced at $64.99, has a NFC chip integrated and sports a new back cover to contain the larger battery.

While it's not clear exactly how much of a battery boost the new pack will deliver, it should be able to endure heavy usage throughout a full day, while average users should see it last for at least two full days of normal usage.

For some perspective, the extended battery is 100 mAH short of matching Samsung’s phablet, its Galaxy Note II, which boasts a 3,100 mAh battery pack to help power its 5.5-inch display.

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  • kj3639
    I run CM10 on my S3 and generally keep brightness levels down. I can almost achieve two days on a single charge with a 2100 mAh battery.
  • sacre
    In 30 years time our childrens children will be using devices that "last 4 years" without a single charge. Then when we tell them "Back in my day, we were happy if our phone lasted 2 days!" and the kid will say "omg you had to stop using your phone and charge it? Thats stupid, what happens if it dies where you have no outlet? How could you keep charging it like that, what an inconvenience!!"

    And we'll smile and shake our head.

    Batteries.. There is so much energy in matter a phone if converted can take out a city. Yet we struggle to have a big battery last a day.
  • dkcomputer
    Physics, how do they work
  • TunaSoda
    You can get a 7500mAh battery back cover for the Note II... ;)
  • house70
    For pictures head on to Android Central, where this news appeared couple days ago...
  • keither5150
    My note 2 lasts all day with about 30-50% left at the end. I run it at full brightness.
    The note 2 battery performance should be the benchmark.
  • assasin32
    TunaSodaYou can get a 7500mAh battery back cover for the Note II...
    Used to use a 3500mah extended battery in my droid incredible compared to the 1300mah stock battery. A lot of people had a WTF reaction when they saw how big the phone was due to the battery and said the thing was too big. I made about every single one of them shut up when i told them to show me their phones which all conviently had protective cases on it and were quite a bit larger than mine when put side by side.

    Just wish my new phone had a extended battery option but so far so good it hasn't needed it.
  • epdm2be
    sacre... Then when we tell them "Back in my day, we were happy if our phone lasted 2 days!" ...
    Funny I already say that. Back when i was young my cellphone lasted a full week with a single charge. These days that crap can't live through one full day. But hey.. we got tiles/facecrap/apps/whatever...
  • Or I could buy a 4200mAh Hyperion for 30$

    Silly Samsung
  • Marco925
    Why would a battery need NFC?