Shadow Warrior Classic Redux Now on Steam

Two months ago, Flying Wild Hog, the developer behind Hard Reset, announced that it was teaming up with Devolver Digital, publisher of Hotline Miami and Serious Sam, to bring back Lo Wang and Shadow Warrior.

Naturally, this announcement stirred up interest in the original Shadow Warrior game. Devolver Digital capitalized on this by making Shadow Warrior Classic free to download and play on Steam.

Now, Devolver Digital has seen fit to bring Shadow Warrior Classic Redux to Steam, no doubt to generate further hype. The redux version features the Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon expansion packs, a remixed soundtrack, remastered visuals, and 20 Steam achievements.

Currently, Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is available at a discounted price of $8.49, 15 percent off from the usual $9.99.

  • brandonjclark
    Never played this upon it's original release.
  • razzb3d
    "You want wash wang, or want watch Wang wash wang?"
  • Eximo
    Ancient Chinese Secret: Man who trapped in pantry has ass in jam.
  • Haha you don't mess with Lo Wang!