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Sky+ Update Allows You to Undelete Recorded Shows

BSkyB has announced that it is in the process of updating its Sky+ set-top boxes to add some useful new features. The biggest one is probably an Undelete feature, which will allow you to undo accidental deletes from your planner. Deleted shows will eventually be properly deleted automatically and permanently if more space is required for new recordings. Otherwise they'll sit in a 'Deleted' tab where you'll be able to restore them to your planner. If you really, really don't want the show and that click of the 'Delete' button was no accident, you can also delete recordings permanently from the 'Deleted' tab. Think of it sort of like a recycle bin that automatically shovels out the oldest stuff when you need space.

In addition to this new feature, Sky Anytime and Anytime+ will become On Demand and BSkyB is launching Catch Up TV. You'll find full series of shows like Stella, Mad Dogs and An Idiot Abroad available to download at no extra monthly cost. The Catch Up TV will allow you to watch the last seven days of shows on Sky, ITV Player, Demand 5, and eventually BBC iPlayer via the Sky+HD box.

If you have a Sky+ HD box, your Sky Guide will update automatically in the middle of the night. Sky says it won't affect your recorded shows or anything you've scheduled to record.

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