Sony Signs Chrome Browser Deal With Google

Sony today said that all of its Vaio-brand PCs sold in the U.S. will ship with Google's Chrome as their default Web browser. The deal marks a first for Google, as the search company has never forged such a deal with a computer maker before. First reported in the Financial Times, a Google spokesperson confirmed the reports and called the deal "experimental," continuing on to say that the search giant is in talks with other manufacturers regarding similar deals.

How many of you use Google Chrome? More importantly, would you choose Chrome as your default browser if it were already installed on your computer when you bought it. Let us know in the comments below!

  • zak_mckraken
    Chrome has been my default browser for the past 3-4 months. I like it so far despite one minor bug (screen not displaying some objects properly, alt-tabing solves this) and the fact that I have to open a new tab to select a link from my favorites folder. Besides that, it's quite fast, clean and stable.
  • truehighroller
    Great, just what we need DRM on our Browser now too. LMAO
  • doomtomb
    I still use FireFox, I like the add-ons and I'm familiar with it. Although I'd take Chrome over Internet Explorer any day.
  • jesseiscanadian
    I have used Chrome as my default browser at work since day 1. The tab organization is fantastic and good for dual monitors as you can create new windows with a click and drag. It is fast and stable, and in the "handful" of times i've have a webpage lock the browser up you can simply close the tab rather then the whole browser process. Would definitly use it out of the box, now using a Sony is a different story...
  • puddleglum
    Sure, I'll try what ever is there, but I'm still going to install what I want. ;) This really only affect people too scared, lazy, or non-technically inclined to do the same.
  • volks1470
    It's an interesting deal. I bet some people won't even know how to get on the internet without the internet explorer icon, lol.

    I try to use firefox, but just about everyday I find myself using Chrome because firefox just doesn't work anymore. Firefox can't load certain things and can't properly load pages. The only thing keeping me using it is ADBLOCK+!!! Oh it's so nice...
  • tektek
    Variety is good.. just make sure we can go online and d/l whatever browser we want... now if vendors would actually sign a deal to NOT LAOD BLOATWARE.. that would be nice news!
  • ssalim
    Someone's going to sue them over this...
  • dman3k
    hopefully, we'll also get chrome on the PS3... what a crappy browser we have right now...
  • hellwig
    Never used chrome, but I suppose this is a step in the right direction. I'd rather see Sony offer up other browser choices too, but I guess Mozilla and Opera don't have the bucks Google does.