Steam Brings Side-Scroller Favorite Castle Crashers to PC

In summer of 2008, The Behemoth released its beat-em-up side scrolling hit, Castle Crashers on the Xbox 360. Two years later, the game made its way over to the PlayStation 3. Now, it looks like the game is finally headed towards the PC. According to the developer's blog, the game will be getting a much anticipated release on Steam in the following months.

Castle Crashers Trailer

In addition to all of its usual monster-smackin glory, Castle Crashers on Steam will include integrated voice support, Steam achievements, gamepad and Steam Cloud support. Best of all, the game can be in local or online multiplayer. No official release date has been given just yet, but Behemoth is currently at Gamescom presenting the progress that has been made on the PC edition.

For the full list of features and system requirements for the upcoming title, head on over to the Behemoth developer's blog here.

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  • vitornob
    wavetrexSorry but... what a piece of crap game.My old Sinclair Spectrum side-scrollers are more fun.P.S. How is this news on a HARDWARE magazine ?

    Actually TomsHardware isn't an exclusive hardware magazine.

    Taken from the "About us" link at the end of this own page:
    "Our mission is to provide our millions of readers with unbiased reviews, news and information on technology, consumer electronics and gaming. We help to simplify the purchasing process for our readers by providing high-quality content that they can trust."
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  • DroKing
    *love my consumer right... for some reason it cancels out the heart symbol.
  • DroKing
    Mmm LOCAL! LONG LIVE PC yeaa yeaa I
  • thecolorblue
    I see that Tom's is transforming into gamespot... not good