Awesome THQ Humble Bundle Gets Additions

Like the Humble Bundles of the past, the Humble THQ Bundle has extended its repertoire. Previously, customers who paid more than the average (at the time of this writing, the average sits at $5.61) would receive a copy of Saint's Row along with the rest of the bundle. Now, paying more than the average yields customers a copy of the Greek mythology-based, Diablo-like Titan's Quest and Red Faction: Armageddon's Path to War DLC.

The THQ Bundle, featuring six AAA titles for a paltry sum of money, has arguably been one of the best gaming deals of the year. The bundle skyrocketed to over $2 million in sales within 24 hours and currently has, at the time of this writing, raised over $3,920,000.

The THQ Bundle is still available for purchase for five more days. The bundle can be acquired at the Humble Bundle main site, although buyers should be aware that though Humble Bundles in the past have been DRM-free, all THQ titles require Steam to redeem.  

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  • spartanmk2
  • wanderer11
    Saint's Row alone is worth $5.62.
  • clonazepam
    Metro 2033's benchmark utility is worth $5.62. (I bought the bundle for $10) I haven't been able to get the benchmark utility to work. It crashes and causes Steam to crash as well. So far I've only tried to launch Metro 2033 and the game runs fine.
  • blubbey
    Bought it, great deal.
  • fantasticles
    Even though I wasn't much interested in the games themselves, I've bought 2 bundles for three reasons:
    1) Supporting the PC games industry (kudos to THQ for such a bundle and proceeds designation)
    2) Act of charity
    3) Pretty good gift to give to others
  • fantasticles
    Make it three bundles!
  • wannabepro
    Just got it, I like RTS games.
    No matter how you look at it, it's a good deal. Even if it's just to pad out your game library.
  • alidan
    i have most the games there but metro 2033, titan quest and the rts

    i stopped liking rts games a while ago, just not fun when it feels like the ai cheats and it comes down to luck more often than not. and i dont like playing them multiplayer, because i know people there learn every keyboard command and i cant care to, its just not fun for me.

    i bought darksides on a steam sale over thanks giveing which i am annoyed with right now because of this...

    and i have saints row.

    i want titan quest, but as its not gold, and if i bought this, i would still be paying even more than waiting on gold going on sale... i cant bring myself to

    and while i would like metro 2033 for benchmark purposes, the game style has nothing im interested in at all.
  • XZaapryca
    FYI, if you already bought the bundle and paid enough to get Saint's Row....check the redemption page again. Looks like previous buyers get Titan Quest and the DLC for Red Faction without having to buy the bundle again.
  • internetlad
    alidani have most the games there but metro 2033, titan quest and the rts
    Company of Heroes is a fantastic RTS, worth playing if only for it's story.

    I never felt as if the AI "Cheated" me during CoH, and on most levels it seems as though the player is given the upper hand as you can often go at your own pace and the enemy rarely pushes the frontline, choosing to defend it's own territory (there are a couple of missions where the enemy will counter your attack or flank you but it's not the type of game that just throws a wall of units at you. Everything is fairly evenly matched.)

    Everybody is sayin SRTT is worth the 5.60, I'd say easily that CoH is worth it, despite being older.

    I think they're trying to drum up buzz for CoH 2 and the SRTT DLC. They probably threw in Titan Quest simply because everybody owns it by now (it's gone on xmas sale for like 3 dollars the past few years.)