Tegra 2 Google Chrome Tablet Launching Nov 26?

According to Download Squad, Google's old friend HTC is working on a Chrome OS tablet set for release on November 26. The device will be offered in conjunction with Verizon, which means data plans of some sort, but there's no word on whether or not this baby will be available off contract (à la the iPad) also. Download Squad says the device will be heavily subsidized, if not free, and speculates that it could feature Nvidia's Tegra 2; a 1280x720, multitouch display; 2GB of RAM; a minimum of 32GB SSD storage; WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity; a GPS; a webcam; and possibly expandable storage via a multi-card reader.

If November 26 incites an underlying feeling of dread and the urge to crawl under your bed and eat nothing but turkey until the clocks tick over to November 27, that's because 11/26 the busiest shopping day of the year. You got it, folks, it's Black Friday.

  • WTF is the point of Chrome OS. Where does it fit between Android tablets and Windows 7 Tablets?
  • visa
    If it's near to be free with maybe 1 year contract with Verizon, great. I'm guessing 2-3 years at $30 or more per month, not so great.
    As long as it has what the iPad lacks, which is quite a few things, actually, it might actually sell.
  • lejay
    stm1185WTF is the point of Chrome OS. Where does it fit between Android tablets and Windows 7 Tablets?
    Google seems to think that it's a better solution for tablets... we'll see if they're right. Anyway, why are you upset over more choices?
  • tayb
    That sounds pretty awesome... if it were running a heavily customized version Android 3.0 and gets 9+ hours of battery life.
  • ktasley
    So I read the article on Download squad...

    You kind of make it sound like those are the specs, when really those specs are just a pure guess by the DLS author... and the min 32gb ssd? did you make that one up, cause even the specs the DLS guy made up didn't say that.

    Not trying to nit pic here, but I respect Tom's and never really read the source material, but after reading this one it makes me wonder about the rest of the info I am hearing from you guys.

    If those were the specs tho it would be great.
  • the_krasno
    The source does mention the 32gb ssd. Still, it says it's pure guess and here Tom's says it's fact.
    Looks like Jane did a quick scan of the article with her eyes and missed the warnings of the site :P
  • seboj
    HTC = Quality. Google = innovation.

    I've been a fan of HTC phones for a long time, I've purchased 3. I love Android. HTC + Google = a good combination, I have faith that Chrome OS will show up to the party in a good way.

    Edit: Website ate half my post >.>
  • reprotected
    sebojHTC = Quality. Google = innovation. I
    Nvidia = Extreme power usage, hot and expensive, jkjk, that's Fermi.
  • cashews
    stm1185WTF is the point of Chrome OS. Where does it fit between Android tablets and Windows 7 Tablets?I'm guessing it'll be a more desktop like experience than offered by android, with the ability to print documents etc.

    HTC's great hardware + Google's great software = One awesome device