Acer Launching Tegra 2 "Laptop" Next Week?

Various reports indicate that Acer is planning to release a "notebook" built with Nvidia's dual-core Tegra 2 processor clocked at 1 GHz. The company also intends to release an ultrabook packed with an Intel processor and tablets sporting Google's Android 3.2 "Honeycomb" OS.

The news arrives by way of company chairman and CEO J.T. Wang as he addressed concerns about the company dropping from the second world's largest PC manufacturer to the fourth largest during the second quarter of 2011. He said that to regain its lost market share, the company plans to adopt a new strategy to create "more value instead of pursuing volume growth."

Wang said that the Tegra 2 notebook – which is more likely a netbook or a tablet-netbook hybrid similar to the Asus Eee Pad Transformer – will actually launch within the month. The Intel-based ultrabook is scheduled to hit the market in December. Currently there's no word on when the Honeycomb tablets will arrive.

In addition to revealing the devices, the Acer chairman stated that the company will return to profitability in Q3 2011 and should perform even better in the fourth, indicating that Acer may actually generate a profitable 2011 despite the disastrous second quarter.

Earlier this year, Acer's CEO Gianfranco Lanci stepped down from his position at the end of the first quarter. The resignation was followed by a $150 million charge against the company earnings to write-off a "high channel inventory and disputed accounts receivable in EMEA" due to "abnormalities in terms of channel inventory stored in freight forwarders’ warehouses."

Wang has reportedly declined a salary for his role as director and even waved off a 2010 bonus to help compensate for the $150 million expense. "With Acer’s substantial loss in write-off, Wang deeply feels regretful of the current situation and will dedicate his efforts fully to investigating the reasons behind the loss and to improving internal management," the company announced in June.

If Acer does indeed plan to release a Tegra 2 "laptop" during July, the company has just one week to do so. That said, we're eager to see what Acer will bring to the table next week.

  • christop
    Really no thanks..
  • el33t
    I'll pass. When I buy a 15' notebook weighing 2-3Kg, I want enough juice from it so as to compensate all the efforts taken. I think Tegra stuffs are still way behind delivering that much of juice.
  • alextheblue
    You call that a laptop? That's low, Wang.
  • Charbax
    Awesome! ARM Powered Laptops are CHEAPER, use much lower power, thinner, lighter, would be perfect in a $199 ARM Powered Acer Chromebook, way for them to dominate a market.
  • phh
    > Acer is looking to regain some profit by releasing the "world's first" Nvidia Tegra 2 "laptop"

    Everything is relative. But not being first. There is already a tegra2 laptop, it's the Toshiba AC100. And Acer is only a year late compared to Toshiba.
  • danwat1234
    So how can I run x86 software on this Tegra computer? An Emulator?
  • rav_
    Hmm lets see. Can I run AutoCAD Civil 3d on it? Chessbase? iTunes? Internet Explorer? Microsoft Office?

    Oh I know I can run Angry Birds!!!!
  • AidanJC
    rav_Hmm lets see. Can I run AutoCAD Civil 3d on it? Chessbase? iTunes? Internet Explorer? Microsoft Office?Oh I know I can run Angry Birds!!!!
    And what exactly is wrong with that?! :)