Internet Troll Gets Tracked Down, Confronted in Real Life

Trolls are ugly, annoying, and irritating. Without a doubt, the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Don't feed the trolls, the saying goes. With no one to antagonize, they'll quickly lose interest and move to another corner of the web. However, while it may be effective, ignoring trolls doesn't really teach us anything about them or why they do what they do.

The BBC's Panorama, a popular investigative current affairs program, recently focused its efforts on cyberbullying. The documentary was aired last Monday night but one particular segment posted online has attracted the attention of several blogs. In this clip, the BBC goes troll hunting, attempting to track down a known troll and confront him about the messages he posts online.

This man, known as Darren Burton to his friends, is said to post racist and other generally offensive comments on the memorial Facebook pages of individuals that have died. When the BBC asked Darren why he posts these messages, he said he was entitled to his own opinion and reminds the reporter Facebook is an open forum. When questioned as to whether or not he was worried about the consequences of his actions (the BBC reporter points out that 'people have gone to prison for less'), Burton scoffs at the prospect of going to prison.

His blasé reaction is interesting, especially when you consider the fact that most people assume that trolls act they way they do because of the anonymity the internet affords them. Apparently not.

(via The Next Web)

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  • alvine
    Why is this guy so immature?
    Now post hateful messages on his facebook and let's see how he will feel about that
  • jl0329
    Not the typical reaction I imagined a troll would have when exposed in real life.

    If they host a show about hunting internet trolls, I'd definitely watch it.
  • Soul_keeper
    If you think the internet is vulgar. Wait till you see real life !
    The internet is also a haven for sensitive liberals.
  • dormantreign
    I just went looking for him on facebook....couldn't find him. Post a link to his facebook if someone does find him. I'd like to pay back what hes done with the same shit he's been doing.
  • warezme
    In real life troll hunting would be most effective with slashed tires and dog poo in their front porch, just saying. Giving them a medium for more trolling is hardly the answer it is just feeding the troll on another level.
  • cookoy
    i thought the story would end a little more action packed.
  • Hupiscratch
    You don´t confront a internet troll, you just shoot it in the knee.
  • Marco925
    Wow, this guy is messed up. Racism isn't an opinion, it's a hate crime.

    Soul_keeperIf you think the internet is vulgar. Wait till you see real life !The internet is also a haven for sensitive liberals.
    You sir generalise people who believe in liberalism. this isn't a forum for political bashing of liberalism and conservatism.
  • cronik93
    alvineWhy is this guy so immature?Now post hateful messages on his facebook and let's see how he will feel about that
    and that's what trolls want. They feed off of any emotional response. If you respond in any way then you're giving them what they want. Hell, it doesn't even need to be negative.

  • sincreator
    I willing to bet he won't be trolling much anymore since his real name and where he lives has been exposed...Maybe the authorities should investigate these trolls more often and make their real names public like they did in the video. Most of them would get scared and stop pretty quick if they knew they were exposed and anyone could find them. IMO.

    I guess from his reaction to the news crew, this guy is a troll in real life too. Hopefully he gets put in his place by authorities or I hate to even say it, the people that he has trolled.

    @jl0329 I'd watch it too. lol. Instead of Man Tracker, they could call it Troll Tracker. Then they could have the people being trolled confront the troll in real life. Man I bet it would be some good watching. lol.