Air Force Unhappy With Removal of Linux from PS3

You might remember back in November when we reported on the Air Force's plans to purchase more than 2,000 PS3s to create a PS3 cluster. The USAF already had a cluster of 336, and they were looking to expand that by adding 2,200 more PS3s. While Sony decided not to offer Linux support with the PS3 Slim, the older models came with Sony's Other OS feature, allowing users to install Linux and do all kinds of neat things with their consoles -- including stitching together thousands of consoles to form one huge, monster cluster.

While the removal of Linux is not an immediate issue for the Air Force because they're not relying on Sony for its firmware updates, it will be an issue when it comes to repairs. Ars Technica reached out the the Air Force to ask how they felt about the removal of Linux and the USAF said they would continue to use the PS3s they already have but admitted that the removal of Linux will make it difficult for them to replace any systems.

"We will have to continue to use the systems we already have in hand," the lab said, before adding, "This will make it difficult to replace systems that break or fail. The refurbished PS3s also have the problem that when they come back from Sony, they have the firmware (gameOS) and it will not allow Other OS, which seems wrong. We are aware of class-action lawsuits against Sony for taking away this option on systems that use to have it.

  • gtown
    Looks like the US Air Force will have to create their own in house YLOD fix program...

    Especially because they probably leave the cluster on all day.
  • digitalrazoe
    I think Sony done .............. off the wrong people....
  • feeddagoat
    Surely GPU's can handle the sort of calculations PS3 do with far greater efficiency.
  • the_krasno
    And if suing doesn't work, they can always bomb them into submission! JK, but now things start to get more serious for Sony. I wonder if they will take back that firmware upgrade...
  • zoemayne
    dont they have power over this civilian company.... doesnt the airforce get special treatment?....
  • speedemon
    better keep the room cool and dust free...
  • surfer1337dude
    zoemaynedont they have power over this civilian company.... doesnt the airforce get special treatment?....No, since Sony is not a contract by the air force they have no control over what Sony does....although all that money is something that can influence them.
    feeddagoatSurely GPU's can handle the sort of calculations PS3 do with far greater efficiency.The ps3 was the best item they had for this product (atleast at the time...keep in mind best also means for the price).
    digitalrazoeI think Sony done the wrong people....Agreed XD
  • Strider-Hiryu_79
    I missed the days of using YDL5.0 on my ps3. I remember feeling so sly and cool for figuring out on my own with the use of mplayer and my ancient unix command prompt skills to get divx files to work on ps3 via ydl5.0 during PS3's infancy and long before ps3 obtained divx file support.

    Ahhhh good times.
  • bebangs
    i wonder why they offer "Other OS" in the first place?
  • aaron686
    There's gonna be some angry snipers on the loose...