AverMedia Set To Launch TV Tuners For Apple


The Apple accessories business is a very lucrative, but companies have a tough time to meet the design expectations of Mac users. This is mostly due to the fact that Taiwanese designers often focus on the product itself, not on the fit and finish. AverMedia is one of the latest manufacturers to jump into the Apple market and actually claims to have made a significant investment in creating a product that provides the complete Apple experience.

The company’s TV tuner is compatible with Apple’s iRemote, while the software is reminiscent of a combination of Apple’s own player and Final Cut Pro. The USB tuner features various analog and DVB-T standards.

On the design side, we have to admit that we’re a bit worried seeing a plastic antenna and white plastic on a part that was attached to a MacBook Pro. While it is apparent that the company primarily focused on hitting a low price point, we feel that the Mac experience calls for something extra. We hope that AverMedia will revise the existing design and adopt materials that fit Apple’s design approach. Aluminum, as well as black-and-white TV sticks would fare much better with the Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro.

A company representative told us that the manufacturer will ship Apple products in Q3 of this year.