Developers Report Staining Problem with White Nexus 7

Pre-orders of the Nexus 7 started arriving on people's doorsteps late last week. No doubt those that have already received their shiny new toy are excited to have the latest Google gadget in their hands and those that haven't yet gotten theirs are waiting by the door, Scott Pilgrim-style. Meanwhile, devs that attended Google I/O have had the tablet for weeks. However, just as the tablet arrives in the hands of the excited common consumer, developers are finding that their limited edition white model of the Nexus 7 is rather prone to staining.


Irish developer Steven Stroughton-Smith tweeted the picture above of his Nexus 7. "The Nexus 7 back plate just doesn't clean; very susceptible to dye" he told his followers. "The white model was a terrible idea." Stroughton-Smith says the stains you see in the photo are the result of carrying the tablet in a lint-free glasses bag. "Nothing I've tried removes the stain," he said.

Posters on XDA Developers are also having a similar problem. When one member enquired as to where he could get a white Nexus 7, senior member fungflex told him not to bother with the white one.

"Don't mean to thread crap or ruin your deal. But buy a black one, you will be much happier. I have a white I/O model and the smallest amount of contact and the thing stains SUPER easily and is impossible to clean," fungflex wrote, adding that he's tried several methods to remove the stains. "I tried soap, bleach, magic eraser, alcohol, and a few other options and nothing works. The only thing that removed my stain was nail polish but it also completely removed the "soft touch suede" feeling and made it much more plasticky. I strongly prefer white gadgets myself, but save yourself a headache and don't buy the white one."

The white model of the Nexus 7 isn't available to the general public. These models were only distributed to developers at Google I/O. It's likely you won't have any issue with the dark gray model Google has been selling via the Play Store, but if you do have a white model, we suggest you do your best to keep it clean and bide your time until cases become available.

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  • victorintelr
    The tablet definitely doesn't like to look like a white ipad.......
  • Pyree
    The diversity of the stain pattern is an expression of individualisation of the Android user.
  • jhansonxi
    My electronics equipment is rather beat up but I care more about the hardware and software than appearance. I treat tech as a tool, not a fashion statement.
  • DjEaZy
    ... i just speculate, but maybe that's why iPad chooses aluminum... to spread the heat... i do imagine, that when tegra's 3 all cores kick in, it could be hard for plastic cover to cool that... but i just speculate...
  • altriss
    DjEaZy... i just speculate, but maybe that's why iPad chooses aluminum... to spread the heat... i do imagine, that when tegra's 3 all cores kick in, it could be hard for plastic cover to cool that... but i just speculate...Yes maybe but use aluminium instead of plastic and the price will drop from 200$ to 250$...
  • belardo
    Isn't the grey-backed version made of the same stuff? SHouldn't it also stain... just harder to see?
  • Bloob
    This is the reason it took a while for Nokia to get their white N9(lumia 800/900 design for those who don't know) out, and why it is not matte. Hardware experience shows.
    I wouldn't worry too much, coal is widely used in Ireland to heat homes and etc. Even in 'metropolitan' areas of city Dublin. That thing would 'soak' into anything.
    On the more serious note matte finish will always attract dust, dirt etc. I have Lenovo matte red cover laptop, disaster to clean. And when I use something stronger like surgical spirits it just starts taking the colour off.
  • Damn, wish I had a nice new white one, I would honestly custom that with some dye for sure :)
  • eddieroolz
    Strange how so many manufacturers seem to be having issues with white models.

    Oh, by the way, I love how no one ever mocks the fact that Nexus 7 white model is having this issue. Shall we flip back to the white iPhone4 article to see why this is ironic?