Run DOS, Windows 3.11 on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The PlayBook hasn't exactly been successful. In fact, you might say it's been a bit of a flop. However, with the tablet officially on sale for $200, some of you might be trying to think of reasons to justify spending $200 on something that a week ago you didn't want. Well, how about the fact that you can run DOS or Windows 3.11 on it?

Engadget reports that the DOSbox x86 emulator has been ported to the QNX-based PlayBook, meaning that, with the help of a Bluetooth keyboard, you can now run DOS on your BlackBerry-branded PlayBook. Check out the video below for a short demonstration from the BlackBerry India Blog:

  • Northwestern
    DOS is dead, they once said.
  • masterasia
    This is stupid, who would want to do this?
  • rb420
    It is not that stupid. Never underestimate the nostalgia effect of being able to play all the old DOS games.
  • KonstantinDK
    I still play old Sid Myer's Colonization game from 1994. Have to install vurtual PC or XP mode ot run it though. Play it about every 1-2 yers so far.
  • Legacy software to operate older piece of manufacturing equipment still use these old OSs.
  • nikorr
    NorthwesternDOS is dead, they once said.It never was : ) That is the truth!
  • jsc
    I occasionally play the original Descent from Interplay. But I bet it is sort of difficult hooking up joystick and throttle controls to a Playbook.
  • mcd023
    masterasiaThis is stupid, who would want to do this?
    cause it's cool. duh! haha that's why we do half the nerdy stuff anyway.
  • jgiron
    You can play all the GoldBox games and then there are a slew of others that are a lot of fun.
    I was hoping DOSbox would come to the tablet arena
  • dontknownotsure
    come back when it runs win7