eBay, Dell, HP Get Microsoft's Azure ''Appliance''

eBay said Monday that it will be one of Microsoft's first customers to use the new Windows Azure platform appliance for cloud computing. The Windows Azure platform appliance is the first turnkey cloud platform that customers can deploy--in their own datacenter--across hundreds to thousands of servers. The platform appliance includes Windows Azure, SQL Azure, and a Microsoft-specified configuration of network, storage and server hardware.

"Microsoft’s focus on and investment in the Windows Azure platform appliance shows they are committed to world-class cloud computing solutions," said James Barrese, eBay vice president of technology. "eBay has the right blueprint for next-generation software-as-a-service-based applications with our platform’s architecture, scale and reliability. Joint engineering on the Windows Azure platform appliance with eBay’s massive, high-volume systems allows Microsoft to demonstrate its leadership in this space and helps eBay improve our user experience through a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution."

HP also said that it plans to work with Microsoft on a Windows Azure platform appliance that will be managed by HP Converged Infrastructure on-premises (although customers will also have the option of using HP data center hosting services). The Converged Infrastructure for the Windows Azure platform appliance will include HP Networking and HP ProLiant servers, and could be deployed in HP Performance-Optimized Datacenters.

Dell is also jumping on the Azure bandwagon, adding Microsoft's new appliance to its current Dell Services Cloud. "The Windows Azure platform appliance will allow Dell to deliver private and public cloud services for Dell and its enterprise, public, small and medium-sized business customers," the company said. "Dell will also work with Microsoft to develop a Dell-powered Windows Azure platform appliance for enterprise organizations to run in their data centers."

to learn more about the Windows Azure platform appliance, head here.

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  • Humans think
    Is there any reason not to hate clouds, as a user and not as a developer?
  • cryogenic
    Humans thinkIs there any reason not to hate clouds, as a user and not as a developer?

    Yes there is at least one: my hard drive failed this Saturday night, thank god for flicker, else I would have lost years of collected photos (call me sloppy for not having backups, but who does have backups for everything)

    I'm happy to have my bookmarks out there, my feeds also, my picture too, my games (steam), It means I can never loose by means of a unfortunate hard drive failure anymore.

    I know I's not ideal, but it's definitely convenient.
  • Drag0nR1der
    They make life easier ... at least that's my experience using googles services... I like having my info available at any pc I log in to just by logging in to my google account, and I'm not paranoid enough to worry about the chance of someone breaking googles security and caring enough to check through my, lets face it, uninteresting data.