Microsoft CEO: Windows Phone 8 Sales to 'Ramp Quickly'

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has acknowledged that Windows Phone remains "relatively small" in the smartphone market, but believes Windows 8 will boost sales imminently.

While Google's Android mobile platform and Apple's iPhone has dominated the smartphone market for years, Ballmer believes Microsoft's relationship with Nokia, Samsung and HTC will finally push sales for incoming Windows Phone 8 handsets.

"With the work we have done with Nokia, HTC, Samsung and others ... there is now an opportunity to create really a strong third participant in the smartphone market," he said in Tel Aviv at Microsoft's first Windows 8 launch outside the U.S. "We are still relatively small ... I expect the volumes on Windows Phone to really ramp quickly."

He stressed that Microsoft will continue to market and advertise (in the region of $1.5 billion) Windows 8, its Surface tablet and Windows Phone more than for it's done with previous products. Ballmer reiterated that Microsoft sold more than four million copies of Windows 8 during its launch weekend last week.

"The initial reaction to these products has been really really phenomenal ... And if you look at how people will get Windows 8, the truth of the matter is more people over time will get Windows 8 by buying a new computer than by upgrading old computers," Ballmer said, noting that a total of 400 million personal computers are sold each year.


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  • rohitbaran
    I was expecting Ballmer's photo for this article! Anyway, let's see how much good his prediction is this time.
  • Shin-san
    1. What's Ballmer supposed to say? "Our sales will drop like a boulder into the sea!"? 2. At least they have good advertising, although the little girl doing pony images to the Final Countdown was awesome. Just as long as they don't do anything weird like the Superman one
  • sykozis
    Considering how WP7 users got screwed....I doubt WP8 will "take off" because people will expect the exact same thing to happen again. I bought my WP7 phone under the assumption (based on statements made publicly by MS) that it would receive an upgrade to WP8....which they later backed out of. Had I known from the beginning that MS would change their minds, I'd have never bought the phone.