Report: Microsoft Working on 7-inch Xbox Tablet

Microsoft caused a big splash when it decided to enter the tablet business for itself and release the Surface. However, it seems the Surface may not be the only tablet Microsoft has been working on. According to the latest reports, Microsoft may also be working on a tablet to go alongside the company's hugely successful Xbox gaming console.

The Verge cites multiple sources familiar with plans within Redmond that say Microsoft is building its own gaming tablet. These people say that initial hardware planning for the device, believed to measure seven inches in size, is already underway. Dubbed the Xbox Surface, the tablet was first rumored back in June, before the current Surface was unveiled.

According to the Verge, the tablet is being developed "independent of specific hardware architecture" and will likely appear before the next generation Xbox, Xbox 720. Additionally, it's thought the tablet won't run a full version of Windows. We imagine the device will be marketed as a companion device for the Xbox and will make use of Microsoft's recently released SmartGlass technology, which allows gamers to use touchscreen devices like smartphones or tablets as secondary screens while playing.

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  • drwho1
    really copying Nintendo silly gimmicks again?
  • killerclick
    Another device, another failure. Microsoft should stick to making a desktop OS and office software.
  • fuzzion
    If the quality is great, games cheap and the screen 3d , maybe.
  • kinggraves
    This is indeed sounding like a copy of Nintendo, not even a different approach like Kinect was. Not like I didn't already expect it. The current MS approach is multiplatform. A bridge between XBox and Surface is obvious. They could have an advantage in the fact their tablet would probably still be a portable tablet, but would they put on physical game triggers as well?

    What I doubt is that it will be out before the 720. That would in fact be foolish, they are already behind Nintendo's curve, they should hold back copying them until they discover the flaws in Nintendo's device.
  • techy74
    sounds like a great way to link all their products together. both Sony and Nintendo have hand held units, it surprises me that it has taken MS this long to try and access the portable games market.
  • zybch
    Well we all know what they're gonna call this one don't we.

    The XBOX U
  • echondo
    Lets think of names...

    Xbox Touch
    Xbox Tablet 360
    Xbox Tablet 720
    Xbox Tablet

    Anyone else, any good names? :p
  • stickmansam
    echondoLets think of names...Xbox TouchXbox Tablet 360Xbox Tablet 720Xbox TabletAnyone else, any good names?
    Xbox Infinity
    Xbox Companion Tablet
    Xbox Weighted Companion Tablet

  • XTab