Xbox One Boss Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft for Zynga

Sources close to All Things Digital have reported that head of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment division Don Mattrick will be departing his role at the corporation for a key leadership position at Zynga. The news is now official thanks a Steve Ballmer memo.

Mattrick’s move to Zynga is huge. Currently, the company has been struggling to make the transition away from Facebook games into the mobile space. Just last month, Zynga shut down a number of its offices. OMGPOP, the developers behind the short-lived mobile game Draw Something, was among them. Mattrick may be a key part of helping give Zynga the momentum it needs to make the push it needs to get into the mobile space.

On Microsoft’s end, Mattrick’s departure could be interpreted as a result of the highly negative feedback the company’s received about the Xbox One and its online DRM policy. Although Microsoft has since reversed its position on such policies, there’s still the issue that the console is launching at a price point that’s $100 higher than its chief competitor, and the price difference is largely attributed to the Kinect that comes bundled with every Xbox One.

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  • whiteodian
    I really don't see the $100 price difference as an issue. It may sway some people on a tighter budget, but I look forward to using Xbone for Skype and motion/voice control as well as anything game developers think up. Kudos to Microsoft for including it. Sony was going to include their camera for another $100, but decided to cut it out to undercut the price of the Xbone. By including it in every system, I think it will be put to more use by game Devs.
  • nevilence
    probably help them by forcing bad drm and gui interfaces
  • thefiend1
    The first thing im doing with the kinect is - leave it in the box. I do not want to talk to my electronics or wave my arms around like an idiot. You shouldnt be required to use something you dont want to use in order to do something. Kind of like how the new zelda game required you to move around instead of using a plain old controller (dumbest move ever).