YouTube Announces Plans to Stream 1080p Video

YouTube this week announced in a blog post that, starting next week, the Google-owned video hosting site will start streaming content in high definition.

"Starting next week, YouTube's HD mode will add support for viewing videos in 720p or 1080p, depending on the resolution of the original source, up from our maximum output of 720p today," said Software Engineer Billy Biggs.

YouTubers should see the change over the next few days and the site is encouraging users to up their monitors to 1080p so they can really enjoy full screen videos.

Bigg says the folks at YouTube are in the process of re-encoding all the 1080p videos users have already uploaded.

Check the original post here.

  • ryanjm
    Yeah, but will we have to now wait 2 years, instead of the current 1 year, for the videos to load?
  • Transmaniacon
    Wow this is awesome, especially with news of Hulu have a subscription fee, if youtube were smart they would start working out deals with networks to stream full length episodes, people would have no reason to go to hulu...
  • webbwbb
    It's sad to see so many wonderful, bandwidth intensive services cropping up all of the sudden while we have pending bandwidth caps looming over the country..
  • dainsane1
    This sounds good in theory; but who has the steady bandwidth to stream 1080p? then next issue would be the download caps that are being enforced by more isp's these days. As is my streaming usage lands me near my cap. *sarcastic voice* thank you rogers
  • Ryric
    Transmaniacon you realize Hulu is owned by the networks...Seriously think before you speak.

    Is this really that big of change? " YouTube's HD mode viewing videos in 720p or 1080p"

    You can still enjoy your lower quality videos... chill
  • G0liath
    I thought youtube was having financial troubles due to the high amount of trafic their servers must do, now they are increasing it ?!

    Don't get me wrong I LOVE HD and I guess this might be a sign that in the future box office movies will stream on youtube.

    I would love to see the day when I can watch theater released movies in my home on release day in HD quality streaming from youtube and paying a small fee like I would a ticket but now I get to control the sound volume or pause the movie if I want to ( tho I highly doubt something like this will happen, in the eyes of the studios 1 person pays and he can have his friends family and neighbors in to see it )
  • Miharu
    The problem will be ISP (Internet Service Provider)... offering limited bandwidth for try stopping the download.
    I really hate having a so limited bandwidth.
  • mman74
    Who wants to see some viral of a dog doing it's stuff to somebody's leg in 1080p? Not me. Youtube have got to get some serious content like movies. If they have the servers and bandwidth, I would pay to stream a movie or TV show in 1080p.
  • thearm
    Highly highly compressed doesn't count as 1080P in my book.
  • cichy69
    oh snap.. millions of videos watched everyday by people on YouTube, that will kill ISP's

    (come on Comcast, improve your network first.. before charging people more and giving them less)