Abit recalls AN9 32X motherboards

Abit today said that "rough handling during shipments" may have damaged "a small number of units from the early manufacturing of the AN9 32X product line." Specifically, the company believed that the "heatsink component" may have been displaced and not function properly - which may cause overheating of computers.

The company issued a recall that affects AN9 32X motherboards with serial numbers ranging from AN932UDC000001 - AN932UDC001407 and Fatal1ty AN9 32X models ranging from FAN93UDC000001 - FAN93UDC002713.

Not affected by the recall are AN9 32X models ranging from AN932UDC001408 - AN932UDC002612 and Fatal1ty AN9 32X models ranging from FAN93UDC002714 ~ FAN93UDC005422.

Abit said that it will cover all shipping costs of the recall.