Air Force Developing Hypersonic Missiles And Bombers

Washington DC - The United States military wants to reach out and touch someone - fast. According to an article in the Dallas Star-Telegram, Air Force researchers are developing bombers and cruise missiles capable of flying Mach 6 or 4,000 miles-per-hour and faster. Faster bombers and missiles could allow pre-emptive on ballistic missiles preparing to launch.

Mark Lewis, the chief scientist for the Air Force, told the Star-Telegarm that the first hypersonic vehicles could be Mach 6 cruise missiles and possible a long range hypersonic aircraft that could fly more than 10,000 miles in two hours. Like the Mach 3+ SR-71 used during the Cold War, such aircraft could flying with impunity over enemy territory while taking pictures or gathering electronic signals.

Hypersonic aircraft could also deliver bombs and the article predicts anti-satellite weapons would be the prime targets. China and Russia both claim to have developed anti-satellite ballistic missiles that could "blind" the American military in the early stages. A hypersonic bomber might be the only way to destroy an anti-satellite missile preparing for launch.

So… an anti-anti-satellite weapon for those of you who remember the trace buster-buster-buster devices from The Big Hit movie.