AMD Releases Catalyst 9.7 Drivers for Win 7

Hot on the heels of Windows 7 going gold, AMD today released its first WHQL-certified ATI Catalyst graphics drivers for Windows 7 RTM. For ATI Radeon customers, the ATI Catalyst 9.7 driver is immediately available for download from  Simultaneously, the ATI Catalyst 8.632 driver has been made available for ATI FirePro professional graphics customers.

Even if you're not running Windows 7 RTM (and you probably won't be for a while), you can still grab today's Catalyst 9.7 file for a single, unified driver installation for both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Windows 7 users will supposedly get "performance improvements" compared with Windows Vista in single card and multi-GPU configurations employing ATI CrossFireX technology. The drivers also include Windows 7 support for accelerated video transcoding tasks utilizing the system CPU and GPU via ATI Stream technology.

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  • curnel_D
    Fixed some random stuttering and crashes I had in both Far Cry 2, and Crysis. As usual, the performance isnt close to noticable, but the stability is, this round.
  • Shnur
    ATI Stream technology implemented in Windows 7?
    Awesome :D
  • Honis
    Hope this fixes the random crashing of my Win 7 RC. Had no problems with Beta.