AMD Loses Another Top Exec, This Time in the Client Group

Chris Cloran, corporate vice president and general manager of the client division at AMD has left the company. Cloran was in charge of the client processor business at AMD -- the unit that is responsible for the majority of AMD's revenue today.

There was no information when Cloran left and his future plans. The executive was promoted to corporate vice president in 2008 held the position of vice president for the company's mobile division prior to that.

Earlier this week, we learned that CFO Thomas Seifert will leave AMD effective September 28. The announcement has rocked AMD's stock and it appears that it has not bottomed out yet. AMD was down $0.03 or about 1 percent in Wednesday trading. The company's market cap is down to $2.54 billion.

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  • alexthager
    I feel terrible, this week has been terrible for AMD, let alone the last several months. I use an Intel CPU, but I use AMD's all the time. I hope they can recover from this downfall.
  • dormantreign
    AMD just needs good proc engineers, Don't matter who runs what, it matters that they give the other guy a run for their money....the their products speak for themselves.
  • dormantreign
    no edit button......The = Let
  • edogawa
    As much as I like Intel, they need competition, it's almost always good. Things are not looking to good for AMD.
  • pharoahhalfdead
    We always hear about people departing from AMD who had been with the company for a long time, but the company has been on a downhill slide for YEARS. Why would you want to keep a bunch of top shelf people who have done nothing to change it? "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." There isn't much further down AMD can go. If a business is failing, it would be madness to think keeping the same routine would change thangs. Kitchen Nightmares will show you that. The only negative side would be if these people didn't already have some other job lined up, I would feel bad then.
  • dudewitbow
    AMD loses 2 executives, an intel exec is going to retire, Nvidia loses a mobile exec, OCZ exec resigns. what the heck happened in the computation world in the last week
  • bullwinkel
    Maybe all those execs are going to start a new tech company together xD
  • amuffin
    Cause everybody from AMD wants to jump off the burning ship....
  • livebriand
    I hope they manage to make a comeback - I am not looking forward to an Intel monopoly. At least one of my computers has an AMD processor. (the netbook has an E350; the desktop has an i5 750)
  • azraa
    dormantreignAMD just needs good proc engineers, Don't matter who runs what, it matters that they give the other guy a run for their money....the their products speak for themselves.On the contrary, mate.
    Their engineers have actually good ideas, which can of course be improved.
    There has been a lot of tinkering in this site about how Bulldozer can be tweaked and it showed A LOT of potential. Now, AMD needs to implement these kind of modifications. Their modular architecture is brillian IMO.

    No, on the contrary, they need better management. Better paid engineers, better publicists, better financial advisors, better PR, etc.
    I like to see heads roll within AMD, they have been watching everything crumble and done nothing for years. If they were kept there, it would only have continued their downfall.
    Lets expect the best for the red team and their new batch of leading personnel.