AMD Confirms Departure of CIO Mike Wolfe

According to BSN, senior vice president and chief information officer Mike Wolfe will be leaving the company effective Monday next week. Wolfe, 53, joined AMD in March of last year from HP, where he was vice president of information technology. Prior to HP, Wolfe held executive positions at Motorola and Freescale.

The second departure is Trevor Schulze, corporate vice president for global information technology at the company. Schulze was in charge of developing and implementing enterprise IT inside AMD with a budget of more than $100 million per year. Prior to AMD in 2008, Schulze was a senior director for engineering operations and IT at Cisco.

AMD confirmed the departure of Wolfe, but not the resignation of Schulze. However, it appears that Wolfe decided to leave on his own accord, as AMD said that it has appointed Jake Dominguez, vice president of corporate services, as "interim-CIO" until a permanent replacement is found.

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  • ekho
    I'm getting nausea; too much bad news from AMD....
  • greghome
    I find it kinda depressing to read about an AMD exec quitting, retiring and getting fired every few months.

    Wonder where Dirk Meyer is now, I feel AMD needs him more than ever. :(
  • memadmax
    Oh man, now I am worried for AMD.
    Even thou I am an Intel fanboy...
  • zeratul600
    man please someone help amd! cant they initiate a a kickstarter project???? save amd goal 100m XD
  • stickmansam
    someone inject some cash into them
  • DRosencraft
    Okay, for everyone who is panicking over AMD's future, here's a little bit of an optimistic take. If you think that AMD's problem was in not hitting the mark on design, then this is actually a bit of good news. It means there is some house cleaning going on, and that new people with fresh ideas (hopefully) are coming in or getting a chance to lead.

    Honestly though... I can't make a judgment call yet. Personally I don't think that AMD's lineup in the CPU arena is that bad. Yes they don't have a top tier that can compete with Intel's top tier, but I personally don't see that as so important considering how niche that portion of the market is. I could be wrong, but I just don't think that's their problem. I've said this before - on any given day I seen at least half a dozen commercials for Intel on TV and on the internet. The only AMD advertisement I ever see is a banner ad that is occasionally here on Tom's. That needs to be addressed. They have a decent offering of chips, but when Intel has such saturation in just knowing who makes processors, there are a lot of people who would be entering at the lower end of the market, where AMD is strong, but see AMD and think "who are they?" while looking at Intel and saying, "Oh, I saw their commercial a couple times". If they can't turn that around, then they will forever be stuck playing catch-up.

    Maybe these changes will help, maybe they won't. I hope they do make a difference, but It's a little too soon to say.
  • madjimms
    When some more Piledriver CPU's come in I'll definitely buy one. They are pretty cheap for the performance also (even though they are 4 REAL cores)
  • rds1220
    Pff AMD is such a joke.
  • obsama1
    When I read departure, I interpreted it to mean that the CIO passed away, haha. But it's still bad news.
  • Teeroy32
    Come on AMD, a few months ago I built my first AMD system, I supported you with my cash even though I was an Intel fan boy, my rig is awesome, sure a top of the line i5 or i7 will eat it for breakfast but it does all I want. Lets hope the PS4 will use a Trinity APU, and Apple does choose to use AMD even for low end machines it will keep you in the fight and keep Intel honest. Hopefully your 8 core pile drivers start showing up a bit better, love to upgrade my fx-6100 to a FX-8320