VIDEO: A Quick Tour of Lenovo's X100e

Yesterday we told you about Lenovo's new X100e, Lenovo's first entry-level ultra-portable. Running on either Athlon Neo or Turion, AMD today released a video tour of the product and while it doesn't contain much new information, it does do a nice job of showing off the ultra-portable's design.

For those of you who missed yesterday's post, the X100e's starting price is $449. Specwise, you're looking at an 11.6-inch HD display, AMD's Athlon Neo or Turion, Wifi, optional Bluetooth and 3G, 3xUSB, 4-in-1 card reader, a full-size keyboard, HD audio and Windows 7 Professional.

Check out the video below!

  • nun
    ugly and flat like all there laptops, but nice to see some amd processors used
  • frozenlead
    nunugly and flat like all there laptops, but nice to see some amd processors usedFrom a certain point of view. I think they look great.
  • loki_racer
    I too would like a cube shaped laptop. :sarcasim

    Throw in HDMI out and you have a sale.
  • doomtomb
    Looks like just another laptop
  • cadder
    I don't mind the Lenovo style myself, except for their models that don't come with touchpads. Also some of their small consumer models seem to come with tiny batteries.

    It's odd to think that this ultra-portable machine is bigger and more powerful than most netbooks.

    I was shopping for ultraportables recently but in 13" screen size. I wanted Windows so that knocked out the AMD processors. I bought Toshiba instead, for more cpu power and more battery life.
  • retirepresident
    Go AMD/ATI Eat Intel.
  • JustinHD81
    Cadder, I have no idea what you're smokin' but AMD CPU's are perfectly fine for windows.....Not sure what CPU's are going in, but in terms of performance they are likely to be as good as the average Atom, with a GPU that is probably significantly better than the usual GMA950....just not sure on the battery life
  • More Lenovo garbage.
  • pug_s
    I'm using an x200 right now and this laptop kicks butt. Personally I don't know why are they making an x100e as a corporate line laptop. It doesn't seem to have a docking station. The keyboard is square instead of the more comfortable keyboards in the other thinkpads. Yes a touchpad is nice, but I think they should design this laptop for a corporate world.
  • naterandrews
    If you didn't notice, half the video was talking about "professional grade" technology. It isn't meant to appeal to half of everyone here, hence the lack of media centric features and colorful design.

    As far as ThinkPads go, this is a pretty good product that earns the ThinkPad name. Ultranav (dual pointers), with pro-level Wan and the famous ThinkPad keyboard come together nicely in the X100e. The design is nice too, I prefer a no frills enclosure; does it HAVE to have flashing lights everywhere and "psychedelic" colors or should it just.. work? The case (to some) may be uninspired, but the Lenovo engineers take pride in their case designs- case in point, dual pointing controls and only 2 leds on the case make for a striking minimalist design.

    So before you bash the X100e, remember that it isn't meant for everyone, especially the typical consumer.