Apple Promises 100 Percent Green Data Center

Apparently, construction on a 10,000 sq. ft. "modular" facility has begun already, but the company is planning to add much bigger buildings on the 160-acre parcel in the near future. While not confirmed, the renewable energy source for the data center appears to be solar power. Apple is already building a somewhat-green data center in Maiden, North Carolina which will get about 60 percent of its power from a huge solar panel array.

Greenpeace recently claimed that Apple powers its Maiden plant with electricity drawn from coal-powered power plants. Apple, however, stated that Greenpeace got its facts wrong. Greenpeace estimates that Apple's data center power usage at 100 Mwatts, while Apple claims it is only consuming 20 Mwatts. 7 Mwatts come from solar panels and 5 Mwatts from biogas-powered fuel cells, leaving 8 Mwatts to coal power.

  • DroKing
    I wouldnt believe anything Apple spews. Id back Greenpeace at this.
  • kunzite
    They could just convince some iSheep to run on some hamster wheels for power. Apple just needs to drop generalized techy words and they'll do it. Or call it art.
  • Sgtmurder
    While I don't like Apple or the way the do things generally, it wouldn't be the first time Greenpeace is full of shit (and other renewable sources of energy).
  • kryzzay
    Oh gawd who gives a #U@&.

    Next it will be the toilet police saying they don't use 100% recycled shit paper!
  • wardoc22
    Meanwhile, in other less important news. Gas Prices are still extremely high, Syria violence might end soon as Syrian Forces are pulling out of the cities, 9000 us marines are being moved off Okinawa.
  • husker
    Anyone at Greenpeace live in a house? Eat food? Wear clothing? Do they use any mode of transportation such as riding a bike or borrowing their girlfriend's step dad's car? All these things required the consumption of non-renewable, carbon-spewing, air-and-water-polluting energy. Thanks a lot for helping to ruin the planet, Greenpeace.
  • Eman25th
    Invest in Green paint suppliers! if this deal goes through you could make a ton of money. But green is a horrible color to paint a new data center, i just don't get hippies anymore.
  • CKKwan
    I think this is at least a good intention behind this. Apple is certainly doing a good job.

    When talked about green, the data center itself uses thousands of computer which produced in a factory that produces tons of toxic waste. If it is talking about the energy. The solar panel produced in the same way as micro chip. Wind Turbine produced using rare earth material. Not to mention about nuclear energy. Geothermo energy maybe?

    Anyway, this is not the fault of Apple, a data center is setup because there is a demand. And the one who demand for it are..... You and Me.
  • memadmax
    This building is gonna have solar lighting, skylights and everything....
    On a cloudy day you are SOL... can't see, can't work, computers won't start, no coffee from the coffee makers... etc etc etc....

  • memadmax
    I don't know why we have to hang ourselves when the rest of the world keeps on going on its usual way....

    Oh, and by the way... air pollution in the US is at an all time low, lower than back in the 50's and that is according to the ***EPA*** on its LAST air pollution measurement back in 2008... but guess what?
    There hasn't been a measurement since, at least the information hasn't been released to the public........

    google is your friend....