Apple's VP iOS Engineering Leaves Company After 23 Years

Apple just majorly overhauled iOS with the launch of iOS 7, and it seems iOS 7 was the last project on which VP of iOS Engineering Henri Lamiraux worked. 9to5 Mac reports that Lamiraux is now retired and points to his LinkedIn profile, which appears to confirm the rumors (his job title at Apple is now accompanied by a 'retired' tag). 

LinkedIn lists the date of Henri's retirement as October 2013, which means he stuck around long enough to witness the launch of iOS 7 in late September, though Apple has yet to confirm the specific date or reason for his retirement.

Lamiraux had worked at Apple for more than two decades, filling a number of positions during his time at Cupertino. Most recently, Lamiraux spent just over four years as VP of Software Engineering for iOS Apps and Frameworks. However, 9to5 Mac writes that since Craig Federighi was promoted to Vice President of iOS and Mac OS X, Lamiraux was effectively head of iOS. Prior to his VP appointment, he was senior director of the same iOS Apps and Frameworks division. Before working on iOS, Lamiraux was Director of Software Engineering for OS X Platform Experience.

Lamiruax spent 10 years as a software engineer on the Mac OS/OS X platform before making his way up the ladder. Before his employment at Apple (which commenced in 1990), he spent two years at Electronic Arts as a software engineer. 

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  • Unolocogringo
    Abandon ship now while the golden parachutes still work?
  • nevilence
    haha +1
  • robochump
    Oh no, Apple is doomed!!! Oh
  • GeeLouie
    VP now retiring after fleecing the iSheep for decades.
  • tobalaz
    Just makes me wonder if he left because he ran out of ideas or because Steve Jobs isn't there to fill his water dish, scratch behind his ears and tell him how good a boy he's been....
  • dalethepcman
    Wow... haters going to hate. This guy developed software, just because it was for Apple doesn't mean you have to disrespect him. I am no fan of how Apple the companies does business, but that doesn't mean I want to burn their executives at the stake.... just their legal team.