CES 2007: Autonet announces Internet access for cars

Pre CES 2007 coverage - San Francisco (CA) - Autonet Mobile, a company focused on in-car Internet solutions, today announced that it will launch a new service during the pre-CES Showstoppers event next week, which it says will turn a car into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

By connecting the Autonet Mobile device into the car's cigarette lighter, the unit will send a wireless signal that works throughout the vehicle, claims Autonet. The company says the new service will work on 95% of the country's roads.

"Today, 40% of all SUVs and station wagons come equipped with media centers, supporting music and DVD's, yet, do not support today's connected lifestyle of the Internet, e-mail and social media. We are putting the connected lifestyle in the car with an easy to use service for executives and families on the go," said Autonet Mobile CEO Sterling Pratz.

The main unit will retail for $400, and consumers will need to pay an additional monthly fee of $49 to keep it connected. Autonet Mobile also said that has reached an agreement with "a world leading car rental company", which it will reveal at CES, to offer the service in high-end rental cars.