'Battlefield 1' Will Take Place In WWI, Arrives October 21

The week started off with Activision and Infinity Ward announcing the latest Call of Duty title, and now it’s time for their rivals at EA and DICE to show off the latest Battlefield installment.

Confirming early rumors, the new game, titled Battlefield 1, will take place in the past--specifically, World War I. The trailer featured a montage of horse cavalry charges, trench warfare, aerial dogfights, devastating tanks and giant blimps.

DICE design director Lars Gustavvson and senior producer Aleks Grondal mentioned more details about the new game. Grondal explained that the game’s title reflected on World War I as the genesis of “All-Out War” in the modern era. Battlefield 1 will take you to various locations such as the Italian Alps, the Western Front and the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

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NameBattlefield 1
TypeFirst-Person Shooter
PublisherElectronic Arts
Release DateOctober 21, 2016
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

In terms of vehicles, you’ll have a variety of to choose from, including biplanes and tanks. However, Grondal also teased that you’ll be able to ride horses in combat. For the single-player campaign, the story will follow various characters throughout the war to provide multiple perspectives on the massive conflict.

The wait won’t be long for fans of the series. The game comes out later this year, on October 21.

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  • lollort
    Can't wait to c4 horse those tanks
  • ern88
    I think it looks pretty good. Can't wait for it.
  • gaborbarla
    It is a bold move to go Battlefield 1 (WW1). I for one welcome less snipers no jets and choppers. Maybe people will learn to play FPS once again.
  • D3faulted1
    Sadly for you gaborbarla WW1 was full of snipers.
  • zhunt99
    This is by far the most bold move made in the FPS genre for the past decade, and strangely, the most different from the approach of the future in Call of Duty
  • DookieDraws
    Game looked interesting, for sure. Can't wait to see some actual PC game play.

    Also, don't forget the NVIDIA live stream tonight!


  • Mike Coberly
    ...oh EA, why do you do this to me? No pre-orders ever again.
  • chalabam
    To this date DICE still has not fixed the FOV on battlefield hardline. It looks like they will never fix it, but pretend to get more money from PC gamers.
  • joz
    And then you remember, WW1 tanks started off at about ~2-4 mph top speed on level ground....
  • turkey3_scratch
    It's about time. There hasn't been any WW shooter for years.